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18 oct. 2022 à 4h00   Formation   Ahfir   200 vues
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Ling Zichu and Jun Wuliang took a slow beat and could only watch as they carried the gods and demons back to the Palace of the Five Emperors. Two people's incomparable resentment ah, it seems that when the luck is so good. Beauty, if you can't hold it, it's good to carry it on your back. Alas, in fact, it seems that what I want to do most is to embrace. But This is a demon! It seems that I really don't have the courage to hold my hands and carry them on my back, so that the pressure is less. Outside the Hall of the Five Emperors, the three of you still have the beautiful appearance of the gods and demons in their minds, and in the Hall of the Five Emperors, because of the effect of the medicine pool, although they did not wake up, they knew everything that happened outside. As he continued to adjust his injuries, he gnashed his teeth. You three bastards, remember for this adult. How dare you molest this adult, it's really impatient to live. Thinking of being regarded as flowers and plants, the gods and demons are so angry that they want to kill people. The Lord of the Five Realms, how did he fall into this situation. Ignorance is a blessing, you infinite three people do not know, the gods and demons have been thinking about them, once the gods and demons wake up, the three of them are unlucky. Along the road of the cave, continue to walk forward, in order to take care of the injured snow day pride, their line of four people's footsteps, are slightly slowed down. Snow day Ao body injury, although very serious, but rest for three days, the impact on snow day Ao is not too big, this man's forbearance is not generally strong, but the East Ningxin care about it. The road to the cave was extremely long, and occasionally a few footprints and some bloodstains could be seen. Dongfang Ningxin and Xue Tianao guess that this may be left by Ye Feiyang, the footsteps are somewhat messy and hurried,uns c68700, the footprints are sometimes deep and sometimes shallow, which shows that Ye Feiyang's injuries seem to be getting more and more serious. It's just that they didn't see any signs of fighting along the way. Be careful, everyone. This cave may be dangerous. "Good." Jun Wuliang three people are not small white, Ling Zichu holding the sword, walking in the front, after Jun Wuliang break, the East Ningxin and Snow Day Ao protect in the middle. The long and narrow secret passage is getting wider and wider, and the light in the secret passage is getting more and more abundant. Dongfang Ningxin understands that they will soon go out of the secret passage. It's just that the further we go, the higher the temperature around us. Where does this secret passage lead to? It seems that the bandage on his left face is soaked with sweat, and he is suffering at this time. "I'll know soon." Dongfang Ningxin chuckled and did not speak. Where can we not meet in life! Round and round, they still walked here. "Oh.." He answered feebly and moved on, and soon he knew where it was. As soon as I walked out of the cave, there was a fiery red in front of me. Looking ahead, there was a huge egg in the fire pulp, and a coquettish chariot of the three emperors. Li Moyuan is standing on the chariot of the three emperors, his right index finger is cut, and blood is dripping towards the eggs of the black phoenix. Tilt also opened his mouth wide: "This luck is too good, x70 line pipe ,x60 line pipe, just met Li Moyuan contract black phoenix."  But what else can they talk about besides friendship? Talking about the interests of reality,316 stainless steel plate, the most important thing is that he is really a little afraid of Dongfang Ningxin talking about trading, Dongfang Ningxin's appetite is getting bigger and bigger. Talking about interests, what he has to pay is not a little bit. Friendship?.

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