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"Haha, you little guys, the speed of practice is terrible!"! The old man has lived so long, and you are so horrible that you only see a few of them. To say that I am a city in the cloud, it is not to have Wales, but to have element concentration. Why are there few people in my city who can become gods? Seeing you, I am ashamed of my city! Yun Zhi, with a full face of whiskers, hugged the big barrel of wine, wiped his mouth and sighed with emotion. Yunzhi senior don't say that, we are just lucky, can be lucky to meet Aofeng to get her help and encouragement, just like the senior also has a powerful eldest brother, is not it? Rong Luo has a forthright nature, sitting next to him, like him, holding a barrel of wine, the old man and he are the most talkative, the two have become good friends. Holding a pot of wine, Lei Yufeng looked into the distance, as if recalling something. His beautiful lips rippled with a deep smile: "Yes, if there were no Aofeng, I'm afraid I'm still in the forest where the sun never sets. At the beginning, I didn't know Aofeng. How could I meet such a little pervert? Now that I think about it, I'm really glad to be beaten by her!"! Ha-ha! Unexpectedly, I,aluminium edge trim, Lei Yufeng, will also become a God one day. This feast in the clouds, my grandfather must be shocked to see me. "Big brother this house is too terrible, I was in the sky half a year ago, but now into the fantasy, in addition to the elemental elves and Walse, are the credit of the house ah!" Qin Kui smashed his mouth and looked at Fengyun Mansion not far away. People get along for a long time, naturally no longer bundle, even the cold moon ice Yan, also stick a goblet,aluminum tile trim, in a very relaxed state. The most strange thing for the old man is not you, but this little guy. Yunzhi, who had drunk a cow, curiously stared at Fang Ni, who was sitting upright in a purple robe, with a pair of cow's eyes. "At least you all have the elves of the strange things of heaven and earth in your bodies. It's not surprising that you are promoted quickly, but this little guy doesn't. How can the speed be no worse than yours?"? He was a lot lower than you a year ago, but he was also promoted to the rank of God. What is the reason for this? Yun Zhi was puzzled. Senior, my body has been forged by the purple scale sky fire, and the strange fire has entered the body. From then on, the body is a part of all things in the world. Even if the body is damaged, the body can be reshaped by the strange fire. This situation is equivalent to having a big element of fire in the body. It is not enough to practice fast. Fang Ni's character is obviously much better during this period, and he no longer dislikes contact with people, but he still looks stiff when he speaks. Strange fire into the body! As soon as Yunzhi was shocked, he showed a dumbfounding expression and scolded: "This kind of thing can be encountered, one by one is all abnormal!" No way, see the four little guys, Rongluo, china tile trim ,stainless steel tile trim, Yuebing Yan, Lei Yufeng and Fang Ni, rush into the divine order collectively in a year, can you not feel exciting? Looking at these top young people in the mainland, Yunzhi has some feelings that the waves behind the Yangtze River drive on the waves before. Hey hey, the most perverted one hasn't come out yet. If you've seen her perversion, you'll know what it means to hit you to death! Hey, I don't know when Aofeng will be able to get out of the customs, it's been almost a year. Lei Yufeng laughed twice and was about to sigh when he suddenly stared at him and exclaimed, "Hey, there's a reaction!" As soon as he called, all the people stood up nervously and looked in the direction of Fengyun Mansion. Sure enough, they saw that the vision of heaven and earth suddenly emerged, and the faint golden light enveloped the whole Fengyun Mansion! "The golden power of the God Emperor!" When Yunzhi saw these golden lights, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva with a merciless "gurgling" sound, and he couldn't believe it. Ao Feng, sitting in the highest room of Fengyun Mansion, finally narrowed his eyes, which were as dark as the deep night sky. In the black eyes, a thunderbolt flashed in an instant! The powerful law of heaven and earth came to the earth, because of the numerous phantom beasts, Aofeng immediately put away the Fengyun Mansion, dazzling red figures emerged in the long-lost eyes of the people, and all kinds of phantom beasts in the Fengyun Mansion were released in this moment. The thirteenth chapter of the city in the clouds comes one after another. The regular star patterns shone. At the foot of Ao Feng, the eight silver stars emerged. Each peak was filled with a variety of silver swords. At this time, the star patterns of the nine emperors were slowly forming. The vision of heaven and earth alarmed many people on the surrounding islands. Many people on the islands below looked up doubtfully. In a flash of blue light, Mrs. Yin Na had flown here from the island next door. "What happened?" "Sister-in-law, it's your little grandson. She seems to be going to be promoted to the rank of God Emperor." Yunzhi called out on his mouth, and his eyes became bigger and bigger in front of the figures of the phantom beasts. Yin Na lady also saw the scene here, immediately no longer speak, for fear of disturbing the proud wind, but the surprise in the heart is more and more strong, her grandson is what kind of freak ah! How can there be so many phantom beasts? Small ice, fangs, running thunder, like a sword, charm king, nightmare, Arthur, purple gold, fairy, small nine, in addition to the red in the space of the phantom beast all appear on the lawn next to it, all the humanoid Warcraft is appalling, this can be super God beast above the Warcraft ah! After the transformation, they no longer need to reveal their bodies, but can also practice according to human methods. When the rules come, they, like Ao Feng, sit down with excitement in the posture of an old monk. The regular energy flashed out and landed on the phantom beasts, bringing them powerful energy. The regular star stripes also radiated dozens of energy to fly out in all directions, to the mountains of death, where the brothers Ji Yong and the demon wolf were shining on the moon. These dozens of rays of light emitted out, which really frightened Yunzhi and Lady Yinna. The two old people looked at each other, wondering if they had just been wrong, but when they saw the horror in their eyes, they knew that there was absolutely nothing wrong with their eyes. The phantom beasts around us are all of this level,stainless steel tile edging, and those who are not around us will not be worse. Damn it! This one is really the most perverted! Yunzhi's beard trembled, his eyelids jumped, and he cursed with a twitch at the corners of his mouth.

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A fighter is a person who has certain fighting ability, has practiced Taekwondo, Judo, Jeet Kune Do and other skills,alumina c799, and relies on physical ability to fight with others. His fighting ability is not much better than that of ordinary people. Fighters are the upgrade of fighters. At this time, they can rely on their physical abilities and skillful skills to open bricks and gravel, which is more like foreign kungfu.