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He seemed satisfied, and did not stay long enough to frighten my poor heart. He came and went quickly, and when he left, he said, "Your two people will wake up in an hour. Don't worry, my medicine has absolutely no adverse effects. They won't feel anything." After the ostentatious figure was far away, I finally sent out the cold sweat that had accumulated for a long time and shook a few times in the cold wind-I decided to get up early tomorrow to practice my skills! There is to find a few more gatekeepers, the same night began to pack up ready to move, the next day with luggage directly to the Academy. …… After hearing my plan, there was more speculation in Ying's eyes. "Are you going to move to the college for a while?" "Mmm!"! Our mansion is almost between my house and the Academy. It's a waste of time to run around every day. It's getting cold again. It's more convenient to move here. I'll pay the rent. Calculating that there is a very free training ground in the courtyard (because there are too few girls), unlike the public one that needs to hand over the sign in advance, it is the most suitable for me-of course, I absolutely do not admit that it is too lonely at home, I am afraid. It's not a shame to talk about rent. Ying flew over an account book, motioned to me to be right, and nodded very generously. There is an empty yard behind the bamboo grove. You can live there. Sister-shall I live next to you? We can still talk when we can't sleep. In order to be safer,Inflatable mechanical bull, I leaned over with a shy face and lowered my voice a little. "Lan Ling doesn't move again. It's nothing for me and Wan Ye to live in the whole yard." She looked at me suspiciously, and when she turned her head slightly, the crystal pendant in her ear played a very elegant swing. "Do you bring a follower?" The beauty raised her eyebrows and glanced at my earnest eyes as the corners of her mouth rose. "You can't be-I don't have that hobby!" It was not easy for me to know what she meant, and I immediately cried out, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. My good sister! This is really a big misunderstanding. Even if I had that kind of mind, I would never dare to blaspheme you. I just want to be close to you-forget it,inflatable amusement park, just leave me alone. Pretending to wipe the corner of my eyes, I secretly looked at her reaction, only hoping that Ying could let me go to her, which must be the main house with the highest safety factor. "You can move whenever you want, and you can always keep it there." She had no pity at all, but urged me to work. "Check the accounts quickly, for a while." "You're both here!" At this time, Jinqi's voice came from the door, and in an instant the two men who had never left Meng had already closed the door, and all of them had come to the main case. Let me tell you a rare thing. "The Ministry of War is mysteriously close to the main case." My uncle just came back from the palace. The Minister of the Ministry of the Interior offered a fake'moon gathering '. The emperor was very unhappy! " Fake? I pretended to be as fussy as Ying and asked, "How does Lord Shangshu explain?" "Of course, it was said that he was accidentally switched by a thief. Fortunately, Inflatable dry slide ,inflatable amusement park, he did not make a book (note: if he made a book, he would lose the tribute, which would be a big crime). The night said to get up, I was a drag: "Don't worry, how to eat this thing, and then rest for a while,Inflatable 5k obstacle, let you tired." "What good things have you brought in?" Jin Qi is really a greedy cat, as soon as he heard that there was something else, he immediately began to stare at me and the night with shining eyes.

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