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15 mars 2023 à 3h28   Autre   Sale   12 vues
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Body Hair Device factory The electric Neck And Shoulder Massager With Heat c-rest massager applies traditional 4D massage methods to conduct through the deep tissue with the metal patches. It uses the principles of Chinese medicine to form an efficient compound energy field that can soothe the muscles and bones and improve the network blood vessels. It also effectively helps improve blood circulation in the neck and relieves muscles and ease pain. Please ensure to follow the manual instructions before using the electric massagers to reduce the risk of injury. Relieve shoulder and neck fatigue easily, say good bye to the stiff neck. With this neck and shoulder massager with heat, you can get away from the tension from working for long periods. A massager can release from the tension that you feel on your neck and shoulder muscles. This neck massager can be placed on the nape of the neck while driving, working at the office, watching TV and even resting or reading a book at home. A true cordless neck & shoulder massager works better than corded ones. This is the latest portable electronic snap-on neck massaging device for wellness/well-being as well as relief or prevention of cervical neck pain. Functions The massager has total 3 modes, Kneading Mode, Hitting Mode and Tapping Mode. It helps to eliminate neck soreness and fatigue through traditional massage methods such as striking, tapping and kneading. With extreme pain, you can increase the level. On the other side, you can lower the intensity for just a relaxing and gentle massage. Stiffness and pain in the neck can be tremendously frustrating to deal with, making it difficult to concentrate on any task besides finding a way to get rid of it. A temporary solution is to take pills, but that can have some side affects. A more natural method is to use a pain relief tool to relieve the discomfort part with only a few buttons. CAUTIONS 1. You might feel a bit sting when using the portable neck massager if your skin is dry. We recommend you to apply some moisturizing gel on the pads or tap some water on the neck. 2. It is suggested to use the massager once a day, 15 minutes for each time. 3.Relieve neck stiffness and soreness for 15 minutes a day, you can comfort the whole body and relax shoulder and neck. 4.This product comes with a remote control, which can easily operate with simple buttons, and it鈥檚 also equipped with a voice broadcast which indicate each modes. 5. Equipped with a 42卤1鈩?constant temperature hot compress function, so that the neck can still be warm in winter. 6. The two electrode pads are 360掳comprehensively fitted to the neck, to have the deep massage in the neck. 7. It also adopts an ergonomic design, 1800R curved surface design, fully fits the neck muscles, suitable for different sizes of necks. 8. The electrodes pads are made of 304 stainless steel, and the skin-friendly technology increases 30% of the fitting surface, which gives a more massage experience. FAQ from end customers Q: Can I use it for my feet or other body part? A: As it's specially design for neck massage with the U shape, which should not meet good effect pn pther body parts. Q: Is the heat optional? Will I be able to turn it off? A: Yes the heat is optional, you can turn it off by pressing the heat-off button on the remote control. Q: Is it wireless? A: Yes it is wireless, only needs to be connected with cables when charging. Q: What comes in the box? A: It comes with massager, charging cable, remote control, 2 packs of moisturising gel, manual and certificate sticker.Body Hair Device factory website:

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Zhejiang Dayuan Pumps Industrial Co.,Ltd founded in 1990 is a well-known professional pump research and development enterprise in China with the enterprise spirit of "make every efforts and strive for excellence". The company which is a "high-tech company has about 800 employees, a construction area of 80,000 square meters, and assets of 840 million Yuan, and its annual sales income is 532 million Yuan.