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Players who have signed up for the team competition, as long as they are not in a special instance, will be automatically transferred to the competition venue after the start of the competition time. In the game, each big city everywhere is a bustling scene, but in a lively, the world passes quickly, the blink of an eye is approaching six o'clock in the evening! "Be careful, we're about to enter the competition field!" "The priest is ready, go in and add the state immediately!" "The players of this guild, after entering the competition venue, try to fight against the enemy together and advance as much as possible!" …… Time is approaching, the streets are even more lively, and voices are ringing everywhere. Compared with these teams, Ye Chen's team was much quieter, except for Xiao Ai and Fa, who kept buzzing like a bird, and the rest of them were much quieter. System prompt: The competition officially begins! Subsequently, a system prompt sounded, and more than 90% of the players in cities of all sizes disappeared from the game! Then, these players and teams appeared from different venues. "Man, man, come, man, my pike is hungry and thirsty!" In a small forest, a strange procession of two priests,wire mesh decking, a botanist, a sorcerer, an archer, and a knight walked quietly through the forest. Several people in the procession were cautious, except for the little priest, who looked around and murmured in his little mouth that he longed for the appearance of the enemy, but that she wanted the appearance of the enemy, and finally suddenly came out with an affectation that made the rest of the procession fall to the ground with a bell at their feet. Then they all looked at the little priest in silence. Ha ha, someone showed up! However,push back racking system, the little priest's call seemed to really work, a team of players appeared from the other side of the woods, the little priest saw, immediately shouted excitedly. Ha-ha, two priests and one knight, this rubbish team has made a lot of money! Appeared is a soldier, a priest, four long-range powerful output team, and this team's equipment is very good, six people face is also a face of confidence, leaf dust and others found them, they naturally also saw the leaf dust this strange team. After seeing the formation of the team of Ye Chen and others, the soldier player who walked in the front immediately laughed and shouted that he was lucky. Knight players have control skills, but in level 60 knights, PK has no group control skills, in the eyes of many players, even if a knight is added, shuttle rack system ,cantilever racking system, it is only to contain the other side of a person, at most a short time to contain two people, but if you can not kill each other in a short time, the knight's control skills fail, and the skills do not cool down. The role of the knight can be almost ignored, which is equivalent to one less person than the other side for no reason. So although the knight player has control skills, not all teams are willing to let the knight in the team play. The warrior's team is obviously not optimistic about the knight's team, especially after seeing the formation of the team of Ye Dun and others, it is a great sense of good luck. In a team, there is a priest, that should and must, but two priests, it is very problematic, a slightly normal team, will not form such a team! Although there is one more priest, it is much more powerful in terms of recovery, but it is less of the most important output! What's more, there is a botanist in this team! After a little calculation, the only real output of this team is the mage and the archer. Garbage team? It seems to look down on us. The voice of the soldier is unbridled, far spread to come over, the cold wind whistled to listen to, can not help but slightly sneer. Namely! What makes a team of two priests a garbage team! Hum Little moxa is even more uncomfortable, this is not clear that she is! "Xiao Ai, let them see the power of our'garbage team '!" The cold wind whistled and laughed. OK! I'm going to beat the shit out of them! Xiao Ai nodded his head in agreement. "Hey, die!" But the soldier player team over there, but do not know the two people here, has decided to use a big move to destroy them, at this time the soldier player Hei Hei laughed, with the team rushed to the crowd. Attack The two teams did not intend to avoid each other, after a while, the two sides entered the attack range, the warrior player's face sank, under the attack order. Although they felt that this strange team should not be hit by a pit, but when they fought, they did not relax at all. They attacked with all their strength and wanted to destroy the team at one stroke. Hey, hey, hey! Demon totem! But at this time, the cold wind whistled with a snigger, and as soon as the knight's weapon moved, a gray-white stone cylinder totem carved with demons suddenly flashed silently in the ranks of warrior players! "My grass!"! Crowd control skills! Then, the next moment, the soldiers and others who had underestimated this strange team looked at the state of their bodies, and their faces suddenly changed! ……………… First watch. Chapter 265 is awesome! Demon totem, this whole control skill, is the task reward that the cold wind whistled when it completed the task of that world. The function of this demon totem is not too special, just let the enemy produce fear state, can not control the body independently, but this is an absolute group control skill, although the cold wind whistles out of the demon totem, can only produce three seconds of fear state. In three seconds, there are not many things to do, but in the eyes of Ye Dun and others, this is enough! Warrior player's team distance is still too far, leaf dust has not yet reached the distance to attack, he has not been able to shoot,warehouse storage racks, but the law and the Queen of the night, as well as small moxa, at the moment are issued an attack! "Meteor arrow shower!" "Space Hurricane!" "Sanction of Light!"

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A fighter is a person who has certain fighting ability, has practiced Taekwondo, Judo, Jeet Kune Do and other skills,alumina c799, and relies on physical ability to fight with others. His fighting ability is not much better than that of ordinary people. Fighters are the upgrade of fighters. At this time, they can rely on their physical abilities and skillful skills to open bricks and gravel, which is more like foreign kungfu.