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Qin Su Lin suddenly pulled the reins, the horse trotted, watching to step on him, the man was startled, rolling and crawling to one side, his face was white, still in shock looking at Qin Su Lin who had stopped the carriage and turned back, without questioning, pointing at him with trembling fingers, "You.." You Qin Sulin raised his eyebrows, and when he raised them, he looked a little more youthful and self-willed between his eyebrows and eyes, and he really looked like a young man of about twenty years old. He raised his eyebrows and asked, "How is it?" Then he got out of the carriage slowly and said, "Today I must see if your so-called sister is really dizzy or not.". Otherwise, if I don't take the silver, I will have a reputation of bullying people. I have never done anything. I can't stand this reputation. Ignoring the man's suspicious face, Qin Su looked at the man in the carriage behind him with a smile and said with a smile, "I want to ask you a favor." The man was still in a daze, and just now Qin Su Rin's indomitable posture with the horse was really like trampling the man to death. "Tell me about it," he said, when he heard this. Qin Su-lin smiled and said, "Please go to the street and buy a needle for me. If I feel dizzy, I'll know with a needle.". If she doesn't move,water bottling line, even if I faint today, I'll admit it if I send her to the hospital to get some medicine. The man finally came to his senses and said, "I have it in my car. I brought it for the villagers. I can borrow it to tie it up." With that, he lifted the curtain and quickly pulled out a needle. Zhang Caixuan saw that the girl's fingers on the ground seemed to move, and she did not know whether they were cold or afraid. In this weather, she had only two thin shirts on her body, her neck and face were exposed, and her beautiful eyebrows and eyes could be seen. She reached for the needle she had borrowed from Qin Sulin and said with a smile,juice filling machine, "You're a man. It's not easy to attack a girl. Be careful not to tarnish her reputation." It's not good to rely on you again. Zhang Caixuan did not believe that the girl on the ground deliberately showed her white and delicate neck in this weather without any intention of seduction. Of course, a young man like Qin Sulin, dressed in fine cloth, may be just her next choice. She was lying in this place, and she couldn't see who was coming. It was just a matter of fate. Just now her so-called brother only mentioned sending her to the hospital and said nothing else. Obviously did not take a fancy to Qin Su Lin. Zhang Caixuan knew very well in her heart. She walked slowly to the girl and squatted down. "Where do you think is better?" She asked. As he spoke, he gestured on people, and his sleeves fell on her face. With a painful hum, the girl on the ground opened her eyes, looked around a few people, and finally her eyes fell on her brother, "Brother, what's wrong with me?" Although it's a pity that it's not stuck. But when her goal was achieved, Chang Tsai-hsuan didn't want to get entangled either. She got up and stepped back. "It's all right, girl," she said with a smile. "Just now your brother insisted that our carriage had hit you." The girl smiled weakly, with a kind of pity for me. "I have nothing to do, but I have been hungry for too long, Vegetable oil filling machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, and I have fainted here.". My brother was too impatient and blamed you wrongly. I apologize for him. I was hungry for a long time and passed out. at most a year, send someone to take me into the house." Zhang Caixuan was dumb and asked curiously, "Did you promise?" Baoqin shook her head with a smile. "In a few days,Edible oil filling machine, my wedding day will come. He is a good man. He can farm and drive a carriage. I will live well if I marry him.". It's better than being locked up in a small yard and worrying that your mother is too cruel and vicious. The author has something to say: 12 o'clock later. Yiran has delayed too long today, and this chapter is a little short! I'm sorry, everyone Chapter 74 Li Cheng. I have to admit that Baoqin is a transparent person.

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