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He looked thoughtfully at Luo Kai, who had just given a close-up on the screen, and asked, "Who is this cool masked man?"? You seem to be very concerned about him. Mo Lan rolled his eyes and didn't want to talk to him at all. Say more and make more mistakes. But the faint blush on Qiao's face more or less betrayed her heart. Although Mo Xiaochen is careless on the surface, his mind is quite keen, he just caught a glimpse of Mo Lan's expression, and his heart was taken aback-this is not right! And at this time, Luo Kai began to sing the first song in "Masquerade King". The prelude sounded quietly, mixed with the howling of the north wind, the faint howl of the wolf came, the light and shadow changed, and the background screen of the stage showed the scene of the vast Gobi. Holographic projection of snowflakes all over the sky, falling to the stage. I am a wolf from the north, walking in the boundless wilderness. "The bitter north wind blows and the endless yellow sand passes by." "I am a wolf from the north, walking in the boundless wilderness." "With the bitter north wind blowing and the endless yellow sand passing by, I can only clench my cold teeth and respond with two long roars." "Not for anything else, but for the legendary beautiful grassland." The song Luo Kai chose for his first battle is called "Wolf of the North", which is a very special work. Its melody and lyrics are actually quite simple. Several paragraphs are repeated many times, but the underlying emotions are very rich. Choose this song, not only to fit the code name of "Kuimu Wolf", but more importantly, Luo Kai likes the spiritual connotation of "Wolf of the North". However,uns c70600, in terms of arrangement and singing, he did not completely follow the characteristics of the original song, but added his own style to make the melody of the song more exciting. As the song unfolded, the audience, whether on the spot or watching the live broadcast, seemed to see a hungry, lonely and lonely wolf staggering against the wind and snow in the desolate Gobi desert. Although the road ahead is boundless, but it has no fear,x60 line pipe, no retreat, no give up, for the dream of the grassland, clenched teeth, stubborn bones, insist on moving forward! "I am a wolf from the north, walking in the boundless wilderness.." This grey wolf actually symbolizes those people who are still indomitable and brave to pursue their dreams in the face of difficulties. Luo Kai's interpretation of this song is based on the original and beyond the original. He tells the story of wolves to everyone with vigorous and powerful singing, giving people hope and conveying the spirit of perseverance, struggle and progress. A proud, noble spirit! Over and over again, the same melodies and songs bring stronger and stronger emotions, as if they were waves in the sea, higher and higher, repeatedly hitting the hearts of the audience. Hundreds of millions of viewers, whether on the spot or watching live broadcasts on TV, computers and mobile phones, uns s31803 sheet ,x56 line pipe, heard the song "The Wolf of the North" for the first time, but he did not hesitate to give up many opportunities. But in his bones, Luo Kai still likes the feeling of standing on the stage and singing heartily, which enables him to find the meaning of his life. Of course, for Luo Kai, the most important thing in his life is always Niu Niu, which will not change, but he believes that he can find the best balance between life and career. Come, live,uns s32760 plate, love, then there is no regret. At this moment, it is time to decide the victory or defeat.

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