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Half more this woman, a little off line, a little nonsensical, a little small white, a bit of color, no moral integrity, no principles, no. In fact, it is a story of a woman cheating all men! Content tags: Happy Enemies Search keywords: Protagonists: Banyue, Huangfu Shujing, Bai Lixu, Ouyang Yi, Bai Xuan Supporting roles: Those who are not eaten are supporting roles () Others: No one believes NP (o ′) Convex Preface Banyue looked up at the sky. Dark clouds are everywhere. It looks like it's going to rain. She tightened the thick rope on her shoulder, dragging a not very big boar behind it. Sharp fangs, thick fur, but not very big, should not be adult. Bigger prey she could not hit or drag, so the traps she dug were generally small enough to accommodate her two bodies, enough for her to drag the prey out of the trap and back. Her body is weak now, and she can't help it. Although in this country, it is funny to say that women are weak, but there is no way. As soon as she woke up, she was such a body. Unfortunately, in this country, women are too thin to please, and they can't get a husband. But she has a husband, and a very handsome husband. It's hers, but it's not hers. It should be said that it belongs to the owner of her body. She, Banyue, was not from this country, nor from this Dynasty. Take things as they come. She has to live, and no matter what, she has to eat. As the wife of a family, it is her duty to support the family. So she's out hunting. Fortunately,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, she can dig traps, although only small animals can be hunted, but this time the wild boar is the biggest prey in half a year. It was enough for several of them to eat for ten days, and the fur could be made into a dress. It was almost autumn, and she had to store up food, or her'relatives' would starve to death in the winter. Yes, family. In a previous life, he was alone, but in this Dynasty, he had a husband, a servant boy, and a servant girl. They live in the woods and don't know what to do with a page boy! But the page boy is her husband's, more than one person to eat less than one person to eat does not make much difference, the premise is that she can continue to fight in the woods until the prey. With one shoulder numb, she stopped, moved her feet to the other side, and continued to drag. The soles of her shoes were very thin, and her clothes were a little thinner. It was almost autumn. As soon as the dark clouds reached the top of her head and the wind blew, Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,steatite c221, they penetrated through the rustling leaves and poured into her skin from every crevice. She shivered with cold, and then noticed that the clothes on her back were all wet with sweat. She had no intention of stopping. On the contrary, she wanted to walk faster. But the feeling of the prey on her back was getting heavier and heavier, her pace was getting slower and slower, and her mind was a little unclear. The two hands holding the rope were numb and had no sense of touch. She's in a bad way. She knows it. But there is no way. She only knew that if she didn't hurry up, she wouldn't be able to get to her residence. Then she would be drenched by the rain. Maybe she would get sick tomorrow. In this mountain forest, there was no doctor, no, no doctor. If she was not careful, she might see the King of Hell again. No matter how kind and selfless, the old King of Hell could not let her possess anyone and live again. She had stopped looking up at the sky, only to know that the brightness around her was getting less and less, and that there was only the land on the soles of her feet in front of her eyes. And the pain of the stone stinging the foot. Good. She can only feel her feet. The body and mind are stiff. She told herself not to stop, just keep walking, there will always be an end! A person's life will always come to an end, although she is often at a loss, but it will come to an end. As long as she is numb, calm and realistic. Being able to accept the reality quickly is her advantage, but now it seems that it is not necessarily a disadvantage. It is obviously a soul from a world where men seem to be equal to women but men are actually superior to women, but it happens that it comes to a world where women are superior to men. Although she was used to not treating herself as a woman in her previous life, it did not mean that she had to accept the fact that she had to take care of several people to survive. It was obviously a woman's body but a man's life. Well, it's true that women had to support men in this Dynasty. She admitted it. So, she continued to drag this heavy prey, blindly forward, far away can not see the goal, can not see the end, just like her body's life, no goal, no end. Chapter 1 When the rays of the sun came in from the window and fell on her eyes, which she had just opened, she saw the brilliant light of the Buddha in a trance. It was so warm that her eyes were white. She almost knelt down with an unprecedented pious attitude, and her body was in a posture of throwing herself into the ground. She called and asked: "Almighty Buddha, please let me go back to the 21st century!" The Buddha said with a benevolent look, "Take things as they come.". Half Yue, you must learn to be satisfied. Banyue prostrated himself again: "Buddha, please let me go back to the traditional ancient times!"! The Dynasty you let me stay in now is too abnormal! Buddha is still smiling Mimi: "Oh, how a pervert?" Half more deferential way: "The man does not support the family, the woman works hard, this still has justice!"! Look at these crimson and purple marks on my body. These are the'great achievements' left by my hunting! Whoo, Buddha, you have a lot of adults, let me devote myself to the family where I can do nothing and think nothing, eat, drink, eat and wait for death! The Buddha was silent and said, "Half Yue, I won't agree if it's not the Buddha.". You should know that nowadays, there are too many people who have passed through, and the bodies that have fame and status and just need to eat and wait for death are occupied by some bad people through the back door! My Buddha's seniority is not enough, his ability is not enough, and the time to become a Buddha is too short. I can't do it! "Whoo, Buddha, what do you think I should do?"? Is it difficult for me to hunt like this all my life and keep this group of people who eat and drink freely and have nothing to do with it? Let them drink my blood, eat the flesh of my hunts, gnaw on the bones of my youth? Buddha,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, I have worked hard in my last life, and I don't want to raise a group of supercilious wolves after crossing it! Buddha, you can't treat your devout followers like this!

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A fighter is a person who has certain fighting ability, has practiced Taekwondo, Judo, Jeet Kune Do and other skills,alumina c799, and relies on physical ability to fight with others. His fighting ability is not much better than that of ordinary people. Fighters are the upgrade of fighters. At this time, they can rely on their physical abilities and skillful skills to open bricks and gravel, which is more like foreign kungfu.