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Condenser suppliers Product information copper tube fin evaporator&condenser No.copper tubehole distancecolumn distance flating height of fin 1519.05161.5-4.5 272521.651.5-4.5 372112.71.6-2.4 472118.21.5-4.5 5721.8201.5-4.5 67.942521.651.5-5 79.522521.651.3-10 89.5225.415.881.8-6 99.522512.71.8-5 109.5231.7527.52-5.5 111235356-8.5 1215.8838334.2-10 1315.8850504.2-10 Certificate of honor Product superiority Factory actual shoot Operational principle Snake pipe jacking gravity supply liquid or ammonia pump supply; single and double row snake pipe wall drainage pipe can be used for the ammonia pump liquid supply system and gravity liquid supply system, the single snake pipe pipe can also be used for ammonia pump inlet and outlet liquid supply system and thermal expansion valve liquid supply system. The advantages of snake tube drainage tube are simple structure, easy to make, small liquid storage, and strong applicability.Its main disadvantage is that the steam produced in the lower section of the drainage pipe can not be drawn out in time, and must be discharged after the full length of the drainage pipe, so the heat transfer coefficient is small, and the two-phase flow resistance of vapor and liquid is large. Service process Packaging transportation FAQ Q1:Do you make customer's condenser? A: Yes we do. We can manufacture condenser according to your drawings or samples. Q2: I want to buy your products, how can I pay? A :You can pay via T/T , WEST UNION , PAYPAL. Q3: How can you guarantee the quality? A: One year's warranty against B/L date. If You meet with quality problem, we promise to replace goods. Q4: If we don鈥檛 find what we want on your website, what should we do? A: You can email us the descriptions and pictures of the products you need, We will check whether we can make itCondenser suppliers website:

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