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Summer good night belongs to the kind of. Being forced to get up. So on this side of the artificial lake, Xia Wanan is the only one. In such broad daylight, we are not afraid of being discovered at all! Summer good night so comforted himself. ; Two thousand words in this chapter, too lazy to open it and divide it into two chapters _ (:)) _ 864. No Chapter 864 fight ghosts. Around the artificial lake, weeping willows are blowing in the breeze. The lake rippled and rippled because of the wind. Then. And then Summer Goodnight couldn't make it up. She got full marks in reading comprehension, but no one is perfect, and her composition level is very limited. The artificial lake is surrounded by a fence with the words "Danger Do Not Approach" written on it. This is a friendly reminder. But today, as cannon fodder.. Bah, righteous villains, we need to bravely cross such imprisonment. First. Summer raised her feet and tried to step over them. Sorry, too short, failed to hurdle. Xia said to Song Qingzhou,347 stainless steel, "I'm not here to play hurdles with Liu Xiang, am I?" What do you think? Song Qingzhou asked in reply. The summer good night asks oneself to answer, the tone is very helpless: "Wow, I want to be angry to death by this task, is simply despising father's height!" " Song Qingzhou's answer is only: "No contempt,x70 line pipe, this is to let you see the reality." The system has a good night with summer, and some of them are always mending knives. AV and GV do not exist. Summer evening turned over for a long time and failed to turn over, for fear that her pants would be cut. She thought about it and said, "I'll go to the dormitory and move a stool down." Song Qingzhou is pleased. [You finally know to move a stool. You wasted three minutes just now.] Xia Goodnight didn't speak. She manually blocked Song Qingzhou. This is the garbage that can only mend the knife and complain! Wait until after going back to the stars, the first thing she must do is to touch the door and beat Song Qingzhou on the ground with a devilish step! Summer evening after shielding Song Qingzhou, suddenly feel the whole world is quiet. At the same time, IQ has also been significantly improved. Summer evening moved a stool and finally climbed over the fence of the artificial lake. The water surface on this side of the artificial lake is no longer clear and looks very muddy. Both sides of the lake are filled with mud, like a construction site. Summer evening dared to look at the lake, only to see his own shadow, a333 grade 6 pipe ,316l stainless steel pipe, as well as the blue sky and white clouds. Summer evening did not dare to relax his vigilance and stared at the lake. This will move,321 stainless steel sheet, and will be wrapped around the hair of the ankle. It was agreed that after the founding of the People's Republic of China, it could not become a sperm. How could the hair still have this kind of operation. I don't believe in love anymore! Summer good night finally could not help, a groundhog-like scream sounded: "Ah ah!"! Help!

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