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Chi Koike said, "Do you know again?" Duan Shujue wrote word by word: "When Master looks at you from behind, his feelings and manner are like appreciating the moon." Chi Xiaochi smiled. "You are still a poet." Duan Shujue said gently, "I'm just telling the truth." "He may not be looking at you," said Koike. Duan Shujue said, "Sir, why bother to deceive yourself?" Chi Xiaochi did not hide it and said, "Because I like him." Like this thing, the advantages are endless, the disadvantages are endless, one of its obvious sequelae is mental retardation. And Chi Koike needs enough sanity to cope with what happens next. On the morning of the fourth day, the sun was just shining on the green hills, and several swords came from the west. The leader is Su Yun. He had a good personal relationship with Duan Shujue, and he was willing to trust his character, but everything that happened in the Butterfly Valley was too complicated and confusing, and he did not know what kind of attitude he should take to face Duan Shujue, so he had no choice but to do business in order to get rid of his thoughts: "The public trial begins with Duan Shu Jue." He ordered Duan Shujue to take the elixir to restrain his body, so he shared a sword with him and took him down the Mingyue Tower. The place of public trial is located in Fenghuangtai. A total of more than 1,300 inner disciples in the mountain went to watch the trial. The unprovoked disappearance of Wen Yujing caused a great uproar in the mountains. Although he loved to travel, there was no reason for him to leave rashly on the way to get rid of demons. In addition, the umbrella sword was lost and the white robe was stained with blood, which made people feel frightened. Although let listen to the wind has ordered the blockade of information,inflatable water slide, but I do not know why, the egg did not use. There was a hubbub of rumors in the mountains, and people were in a state of panic. It was said that Duan Shujue was ambitious, United with the snake, and killed his teacher. Some people even confused Ye Jiming with the evil snake in the Butterfly Valley. It was rumored that Duan Shujue had planned to cooperate with the snake inside and outside, and catch all the monks who had gone there. Unexpectedly, the stratagem was seen through by Uncle Wen. Duan Shu had to go against ethics and kill people in pain. As if carrying a monitor, drilling under the crotch of the master and disciples to follow the whole process. Chi Xiaochi thought with his appendix and knew which calf did it. Therefore,Inflatable outdoor park, when he was put on the Phoenix stage, his mentality was quite stable. In contrast, the mood of the banquet Jinhua is more excited, and even want to sing a song "Good Day". As an important witness against Duan Shujue, he rubbed his hands for three days, waiting for a blow to pull Duan Shujue down from the peak, and fell black and blue. Without his younger brother, without the sword in the stone, without his apprentice, without the elixir refined by the mountain ghost, he planned to waste one step at a time, and his mentality had already collapsed. Now, his desire to read a book has gone far beyond the pursuit of the completion of the task. The five lords of Jingxu Peak were all sitting on the high platform. When the disciples saw that the time was approaching, they stopped shouting and waited for the public trial to begin. When the chime sounded three times, Chi Xiaochi knelt down on one knee, inflatable bounce house with slide ,inflatable floating water park, his eyebrows and eyes drooping, and he was very obedient. The disciples directly bombed the camp. Shark man? Is Duan Shujue a shark man? Then what is the purpose of his entering the mountain? Is it really a wolf's ambition? Gossip from time to time into the pool of small pool ears. He had heard all kinds of rumors, and no matter how bad they were, he would not take them to heart. He would only think that they were introducing themselves. But he noticed that his right hand was clenching unconsciously,Inflatable water park factory, and the tip of his thumb was gradually filled with blood. These words, these comments, Duan Shujue has heard enough in the alchemy room.

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