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And their eyes, appearing in the window of zero every night, watching her and exorcising evil spirits through time and space, made Xiao Yin tremble slightly-she was just a mortal, unable to bear such eyes as exorcising evil spirits. Saint, "to ward off evil spirits, stood in front of the window and spoke from an overlooking angle.". At that moment, his eyes and tone, completely different from the usual time with her, but completely-the tone of God, one hand over life and death, "Please stretch out your hand to take over the new day's" dream volume "and guard the new cloud wasteland." "Thank God for the gift!" All the priests in the temple knelt down and repeated the daily ritual. Xiao Yin was suddenly a little confused: "The volume of a new day's dream?"? Today she didn't write a word at all, where is the newly woven dream that can be given to those gods on the cloud wasteland? To ward off evil spirits is not a dream weaver, how can you promise so lightly? However, she was surprised, but she raised her hand quietly to ward off evil spirits, and a few pages of manuscript paper were lifted from his palm by invisible forces and floated into the air. Xiao Yin suddenly froze: "It's those pages!"! A few pages of that little girl Amy's afternoon daub! The dream-weaver is still surprised that God's hands have begun the process of "turning dreams"-using his power above all things to slowly turn the words that condense the dream-weaver's spiritual power into the volume of dreams! Thin paper floating in the hands of evil,Marble Projects, as if by a strange force to destroy, A4-sized paper actually slowly extended. Bigger, thinner.. In the end, it seemed to turn into an endless scroll, flowing like a cloud to the open window. The evil hand held the cloud, but the fingers quickly drew a complex spell. With the direction of his finger, the long scroll like a cloud suddenly shook! A fantastic miracle appeared-the words on the manuscript paper gave off a faint light,Calacatta Nano Glass, and then one by one, the words emerged from the long scroll and stood in the void. God's fingers manipulate the power of turning over heaven and earth and transforming all things, and those words gradually change and move in midair, turning into scenes of living scenes! Drought, refugees, fires, spies, prayers.. As if infused with vitality, everything is alive, deducing all the joys and sorrows written on the thin pages. It is a dream woven by the hand of the writer and the hand of the God. The long scroll flows into another time and space like a cloud from the hands of exorcising evil spirits, with enough vitality to support the cloud for a day. The golden dream weaved flows down from the open eye of heaven and falls to the top of the white tower of Galan. The saint in the temple of Galan piously stretched out her hand to receive the scroll of dreams from the void. Behind her, there was a dark priest kneeling on the ground. In order to maintain the illusory signs of survival in the dead continent, Agate Stone Price ,Carrara Marble Slab, more priests were needed to deal with and distribute these scrolls of dreams. Xiao Yin looked at him in surprise to ward off evil spirits, watching him ask such a question to the other world outside the window for the first time. At the moment when the window closed, she clearly saw blood-red tears falling from the eyes of the God. Her angry and troubled heart was suddenly startled, and then miraculously calmed down. She sat in the scraps of paper on the ground,Marble Granite Price, staring at the tearful God, and her eyes flashed a complex expression. God's will has always been difficult to ask, and now she knows: to ward off evil spirits. The original is also painful and confused. She held her confused and blank forehead and gave a low wry smile.

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