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6 févr. 2023 à 7h14   Autre   Sidi Yahia El Gharb   20 vues
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Drum Wood Chipper manufacturers 銆?/strong>Product Introduction銆?/strong> The introduction of small wood chipper : --Wood composite crusher is mainly used for building template, wasted wood pallet, Tree bark, Slabs, off cuts, branches, straw and so on. --Including Host, chain plate, feeding and outlet system, intelligent electrical control. --Chain Plate Feeding conveyor feeding more freely, no need change the belt all the time. --Reasonable structure, simple operation, high automatic level, high safety coefficient and production capacity, less manpower, easy maintenance. --It is the ideal equipment for biomass power generation enterprises. 銆?/strong>Product Parameter銆?/strong> ModelMain Power(kw)Max Feed 鈥揇iameter(mm)Drum Diameter(mm)Feeder Size(mm)Capacity(T/H) GX21545+4+3+1.5+1.5160500160*4005-8 GX21655+4+3+1.5+1.5200600230*5008-12 GX218110+5.5+4+1.5+1.5300800300*68010-20 GX2113220+7.5+7.5+1.54501300500*70025-35 WX125090/110+5.5+4+1.5+1.5Maximum width:1250800300*125010-15 WX1500110/132+5.5+4+1.5+1.5Maximum width:1500800300*150010-15 銆?/strong>Product Composition銆?/strong> Small wood chipper is a new type of woodworking machinery and equipment that is ideal for pre-production of wood series. The components of the small wood chipper are mainly composed of machine base, knife roller, upper and lower feeding mechanism, feeding device, hydraulic buffer system and electrical control system. All materials are cast from manganese steel. 銆?/strong>Product Details銆?/strong> Knife roller of small wood chipper The knife roller of small wood chipper is the working part of small wood chipper , which is welded by steel plate (the roller of small wood chipper is an integral solid structure). It has good rigidity and moment of inertia, and has passed the dynamic balance test. The main shaft of the small wood chipper is connected with the knife roller through a locking device or a flat key. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient assembly and disassembly and reliable use. Both ends of the main shaft are supported by automatic centering roller bearings, and the bearing seat is fixed on the base. 銆?/strong>Scope of Application銆?/strong> Application scope of small wood chipper : The cutting raw materials of small wood chipper are mainly small-diameter wood, wood cutting residues (branches, etc.) and wood processing residues (veneer, lath, log core, waste veneer, etc.). It can also be used to cut non wood raw materials (such as hemp rod, reed, moso bamboo, etc.). 銆?/strong>FAQ銆?/strong> Q: How do you make sure of the machine quality? A: For making machine quality, we have strict process: Strict order control prcess, strict parts welding process, strict CNC Process, strict assemble process, strict managing process, strict testing process, strict delivery process, strict after-sell process, strict service process. Above all the process will be the seller-direct-feedback-to-boss system, to make sure all the process fit for the order of clent, and make them efficient and quick solved. Q: What is the guarantee terms? A: Generally it will be 12 months, however some specially items can be negotiable. Q: How long is the response time for the questions: A: Generally will be 24 hour's technical support, most will be feedbacked within 12 hours by email or online calling. Q: Can you install the line for us? A: For the complete glass line which total money is more than USD100,000.00, we will send one technical men locally for support. However for the single machine or the simple line, we will support English manual and video tutorial. If still have the problems, we can also send the technical men there in cost price. 銆?/strong>Connect Us銆?/strong> Please CONNECT US Following: Contact Person :Megan Sun Email :info(at) megansun(at) Skype:megansunny Whatsapp/ MOB :0086-15053177578 JINAN SHARE PRECISION MACHINERY CO.,LTD JINAN GUANBEI MACHINE MANUFACTURER CO.,LTDDrum Wood Chipper manufacturers website:

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