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Wei Jing said in one breath, turned around and walked away, but his hand was pulled by a man. Who says you can't help? Didn't you rub medicine on my finger? Wei Jing was stunned. "That medicine is yours, too," he said angrily. "I'm just lifting a finger." Can you raise your hand again and help me rub some medicine here? ” Wei Jing was startled and looked back. "Where?" Looking at her reaction, the man slanted his lips slightly and turned inward. "On your back." It was only then that Wei Jing discovered the wound on his back. A large area of scarlet had already stained his white clothes. Her eyes shone: "How could this happen?" Having already thrown the matter of anger out of the sky, she hurriedly took scissors from the table and directly cut the robe on the man's back. It's a sword wound! How can there be a sword wound? Yeah, there was a fight before the explosion, right? With a pain in his heart, Wei Jing unscrewed the lid of the porcelain bottle and gently sprinkled the powder on it. "Who, who stabbed you?" Is it Jin Xian? Only he can hurt him. The bell. Wei Jing was shocked. .............. Legend, tomorrow fifteen thousand ~ ~ Thank you for the bright diamond ~ ~ Thank you for the big purse ~ ~ Thank you [13570888857] [empty] [Zhj77430] [linyuchen-0601] [18805641551] [nina19881114] [wmf1223] [lanrx] Dear precious ticket ~ ~ Thank you [Zhj77430] [love] [M5 90 [7000] pro. Beautiful flowers ~ ~ love you Group Mody ~ ~ [168] I don't believe in any of them, I believe in you. The night wind is blowing gently, and the crescent moon is like a hook. On the long palace road, a figure walked like the wind, hurrying out of the palace, and the guards on patrol stopped to greet him. Commander Ye, where are you going so late? "Commander Ye, are you leaving the palace?"? Guo " Yes, he wanted to leave the palace. It was reasonable to say that when such a thing happened in the palace, he sent more people to patrol. He should stay in the palace. However,micro gear motor, he could not resist the impulse to see someone in his heart. She said that it was only a few days. She only stayed for a few days this time. How many days later? Maybe it's a few years ago. How many years are there in life? Just like the Ling Lan who had an accident today, half an hour ago, he was still helping him study silk, and half an hour later, it went up in smoke. And the queen, the queen is also, so young and bright life, said no,Small Geared Motors, usually did not see how the emperor cherish, but this sudden all of a sudden, he seems to be several years older in an instant. Life is uncertain, fate is ill-fated, no one knows what will happen in the next moment, what he can do is to cherish the few days. So what if she is the former seven princesses? As he walked, he reached out his hand and took out the jade pendant and silk from his sleeve, because he was afraid that the jade pendant would be discovered by others in the palace and cause any trouble. Later, he did not hang it on the scabbard. Starting with the silky touch, he could not hide the shock in his chest, and could not help quickening the pace under his feet, but did not want to go straight into a person. Caught off guard, he staggered two steps, jade pendant and silk out of his hand, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,Gear Reduction Motor, he was startled, hurriedly reached out to catch, but only caught because of the light weight in front of the silk, and jade pendant thrown far away, and so he flew to save, The woman's eyes were deep, staring at the man in front of her. The man lowered his eyebrows,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, played with the cup in his hand, and gently rubbed the mouth of the cup with thick cocoons. His voice was in a trance: "Can we meet again?" The woman's eyes moved slightly. "Of course!"! If you are destined, you will see it. "Predestined?" Men again Tang times lightly sniff.

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