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"En, yes, sister Ying, it's really much better than before." Yan Yi also said. I put down the bowls and chopsticks in my hand, "You two are 19 years old, not young, but also flatter." "No.". What we say is true. Yanyi beeped his little mouth. By the way, sister Ying, you are 21 years old. You are so beautiful. When will you find a brother-in-law for us? Yanni went on. My face fell when I heard this. Yanyi felt something was wrong and immediately pushed Yanni. Chapter 74 Chapter 74 Yanni also indicated that she had said the wrong thing, "Sister, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it." There was a moment of silence, and I smiled at the corners of my mouth. It's all right. It's all in the past. Let's go on eating. "En." Yanyi nodded quickly. But Yanni looked at me with that curious look. Yanni, what's the matter? Are you full? I asked gently. Yanni shook her head. What's wrong with that? "Sister, I asked if you could not be angry." Yanni said cautiously. I nodded. Sister Ying. My brother is so good and handsome. And that yuan elder brother, the person is also very handsome, they two people like the elder sister so much, to the elder sister is so good,classroom interactive whiteboard, why the elder sister also wants to leave them? Yanni blinked her curious eyes. I sighed, "Yes, they are very good to me, because they are very good to me, too good, so I can not choose,touch screen interactive whiteboard, hurt who, I do not want to." "Who do you love, sister?" Yanyi also asked. I. I don't know. I scratched my hair, and after three years, I still don't seem to know my heart, who I like and who I love. Clang clang ~ ~ Yanyi Yanni suddenly fell to the ground. After a while, Yanni struggled to get up and a small head appeared. Sister Ying, you are not ~ ~ ~ three years, you still don't know who you like. In addition to giggling, I still can only giggle and nod "yeah ~ ~". At this time, Yanyi also put his little head out from under the table. "Sister, you don't like both of them. You love both of them." "恩 . I think it's possible. Yanni touched her chin like those eminent monks who had attained the Tao, with a serious look. I knocked on my chopsticks. Ta-ta-da ~ ~ ~ It's you big heads. Hurry up to have dinner and go to Review. I have to go to school tomorrow. The exam will be held in a few days. If the result drops, smartboards in classrooms ,4k smart board, I will not punish you two. The two little girls spat out the tip of their tongues, sat down again, and buried themselves in eating. After dinner, Tuk Tuk Tuk ran back to the room, one reading while standing on his head, the other reading while splitting. Of course, I came up with this method,  I stayed, but soon I woke up and ran out subconsciously. He just ran to the garden, but his hands were grabbed by two people at the same time. The more they try to break free,smart board whiteboard, the tighter they hold on. Suddenly I turned around. Let it go "Don't let go!" "Don't let go!" Two tacit and resolute voices sounded. So what do you want? I know it's wrong for me to leave you, but I really can't choose between you. There was a trace of helplessness in my voice. Then we'll be with you. "Then we'll be with you." The voice is overbearing, and there is no room for refusal. I was confused again. You. Guys. Say. What. Right.? "We'll be with you." The two of them said that sentence again. Heh ~ ~ May I? Can I be so greedy? I laughed at myself. You can. "You can." I haven't seen you for three years. When did yuanhe's tacit understanding become so good? Ture? You're not kidding me. I asked with wide eyes. No "No."

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