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After eating the porridge, Ruizhu went back to the quilt. Jing Lian stared at the man who was moving around in the quilt and didn't know what he was doing. Just as he was about to open his mouth, he saw Ruizhu suddenly lift the quilt and sit up from the animal skin. Let me see the wound on your back. Ruizhu casually wiped her inexplicably sweaty face and whispered to Redjade beside her. Redjade stared at Ruizhu's suspiciously flushed face for a moment and suddenly reached out and touched Ruizhu's sweaty forehead without saying a word. Ruizhu looked impatiently at Redjade, whose face had changed slightly, and said again in a hard tone, "Let me see your wound." Redjade frowned, clenched her fists and loosened them. Ruizhu looked at Kuaiyu's anxious face, which was too deep to hide, and suddenly whispered softly: "I'm all right." To Redjade's eyes full of disbelief, Ruizhu narrowed her swollen eyes and smiled, slowly pulling out the Jingyu bottle from her clothes, which she had been carrying close to her body, shaking it, and whispering: "You see, even if I'm seriously ill, we still have life-saving medicine to use." Uh I can sleep a little longer, you first let me see your injury, yesterday when I was a little dizzy, I do not know whether to take into account you. "You.." Redjade's face, which had been wooden all the time,disc air diffuser, changed slightly like a fever, but her unshakable expression pushed Ruizhu back into the quilt. Ruizhu blinked and let Redjade cover the quilt with her unexpected obedience. Redjade looked at Ruizhu, whose face was burning red, and her eyes shook uncontrollably. Ruizhu closed her swollen eyes. Then he opened his eyes and said in a low voice with a smile: "Well.." Just let me see the wound on your back first. Or I can't sleep even if I want to. Redjade's eyes moved again, and finally turned around without saying a word. Ruizhu stretched out her hand from the quilt, carefully pulled open the back of Redjade's clothes, narrowed her eyes and looked carefully. Finally, she smiled and nodded, quietly withdrew her hand and buried her head in the quilt. After more than half a day, Jing Lian never saw the man's head out of the quilt, MBR reactor ,wall penstocks, the day's meal was changed from three meals a day to two meals, the man seemed to have been asleep, and the meal behind him did not come out to eat, although the usual pot of porridge three people often can not really eat enough, but that meal was eaten down. There was more than half of the porridge left in the pot, but neither Jing Lian nor Redjade ate a mouthful more, until the man woke up in a daze and asked for water once. Jing Lian looked at the man by the light of the fire. Although his face was swollen white and yellow and very ugly, his pronunciation was still clear when he spoke. After drinking the water, he smiled and said a good word to the man. Jing Lian's heart, which had always been inexplicably tense, seemed to relax a little. Ruizhu bent her sleeping swollen eyes and looked at Redjade with a smile to feed her water. After drinking the water, Ruizhu slowly rubbed her body to the side and continued to look at Redjade with her ugly swollen eyes. Redjade was silent for a long time before she finally lay down without saying a word. Ruizhu looked at Redjade who was still staring at her for a moment even though she was lying down. She bent her swollen eyes and smiled, closed her eyes quietly, and soon came the sound of her steady breathing. Jing Lian didn't know how he had fallen asleep, but half once he woke up and saw that the fire was burning a little small, so he quietly added some firewood to it. After adding the firewood, he fell asleep again. Not long after, Jing Lian was suddenly awakened by a gentle shake of an external force. When he opened his eyes, Jing Lian was somewhat surprised to see a pair of swollen and ugly eyes that were still smiling. The man who looked a little unkempt seemed to be very satisfied with Jing Lian's subconscious expression of a trace of fear, some proud swallow spit, Ruizhu just lowered his voice furtively to Jing Lian whispered: "Are you cold?" "You.." Jing Lian stared at the man who showed his white teeth as soon as he smiled. Just as he was about to speak, he saw Ruizhu make a careful sound and suddenly dragged him to the animal skin on the other side of the fire. "What are you doing?" Jing Lian was so angry that he wanted to break away from the man's hand. Although he was angry, his voice was subconsciously obedient to the action of the man's voice and lowered a lot. Ruizhu didn't seem to think that Jing Lian would struggle to be waved away by Jing Lian. With an unexpected gentle'ah ', Ruizhu bent her swollen eyes again and murmured in a low voice. While continuing to pull and drag Jing Lian to the animal skin: "Well.." You seem to be quite cold. I'm a little hot here. So I just want to neutralize it. Ruizhu's vague words made Jing Lian feel angry, but just now he almost broke away from Ruizhu's hand without any effort, which made him not only unhappy, but also surprised and confused. The man's strength before was so amazing that the hands holding him now were not as weak as a chicken. After a long time of effort, Ruizhu finally dragged the boy staring at the strange face to the animal skin and covered himself with the quilt. Ruizhu held the cool boy in her arms and sighed contentedly. Subconsciously, she rubbed her swollen face on Jing's smooth little face and whispered to herself: "It's not easy for Redjade to sleep." I'm afraid I'll wake him up. It's time for him to look after me and pray. It turns out that you are also good to use. Cool. "" Jing Lian was whispered in Ruizhu's mouth so that his anger, which had just been suppressed by panic, rose again. After struggling a few times, the man who was clinging to him with his burning body suddenly mumbled something vaguely, and one leg was pressed across the boy's leg. Jing Lian was stiffened by Ruizhu's intimate movements, and was just about to open his mouth. I heard a low murmur of impatience in my ear: Do you sleep or not? If you don't sleep,Lamella Plate Settler, you can see how I become dead. Hey, hey. Didn't you see that I was so sick that I lost my strength. Probably won't last long before he dies. Then you'll be in bed with the dead. How interesting I don't mind what you do with my body when I'm dead. Anyway, this body is white. Hey..

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Xia Yunsheng's attitude towards him became cold, on the contrary, he felt a kind of guilt towards his daughter. For the first time, he seemed to find that he owed a lot to Weilan,fine bubble diffuser, a girl who had always lacked warmth and love. She is so weak that she needs someone to protect her. That summer vacation, Xia Yunsheng specially asked for leave to accompany his daughter to travel to the seaside. Because there is a "blue" in the name, Weilan has been yearning for the sea since childhood.