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"Well, Hao Zhenzhen gave a cry, and then looked at her classmate in a childish way, like a proud peacock, and she passed by by mistake, followed coach Ayan into the dance studio." Bang! The door of the dance studio was closed again, the sound of closing the door woke up the girl who was dumbfounded. When she looked back, Hao Zhenzhen had disappeared. With a trace of disbelief on her face, she murmured: "How could she?" Manager yuan looked at the girl with a slight sigh, patted her on the shoulder, and left silently. In fact, is Manager yuan so balanced in his heart? Why can someone have such a successful brother? And oneself, alas, goods than goods should be thrown, people than people should die. "I said, how much did you spend on so many things?" When Hao Yunyang opened the car door and exposed a lot of things on the back seat and in the trunk to the eyes of his parents, after a short period of relief, his mother Li Jimei could not help feeling distressed: "You can't spend money like this even if you have money!"! Do you have to spend money to get married in the future? Does your sister get married and spend money? The house should be repaired, and it will cost money, right? "Why is your child not steady at all?" Well, father Hao Dongnian also ordered the first set and took a look at Hao Yunyang, but what he said was not very nutritious: "Your mother is right." "Dont worry about that,heavy duty metal racks, mother.". Although Hao Yunyang heard the heartache in his mother Li Jimei's tone, he did not hear even the slightest bit of blame. He immediately smiled and sold a good boy: "Don't you understand your son?"? That's what comes out of your stomach, and there are your excellent genes in your body! Mother Li Jimei didn't know what the child's excellent genes were, but the words that came out of her stomach amused Li Jimei, because she suddenly recalled when Hao Yunyang was six or seven years old and asked her where she came from. At that time, Li Jimei answered as follows: "You were picked up from the garbage dump by your mother." "Then why did the school teacher say that we were born in our mothers belly?". Hao Yunyang was very naive to ask questions at that time. That's because "Li Jimei was at a loss for words, but after rolling her eyes, she had an explanation." : Si Wei's mother cleaned you up after she brought you back from the garbage dump. She ate you until you were born again. After saying this,heavy duty cantilever racks, Li Jimei is also very appropriate education: "So, Yunyang, you can not eat indiscriminately, or you will give birth to a child." It was such a sentence that Hao Yunyang was so frightened that for a month in a row, he would find Li Jimei before stuffing something into his mouth, and then asked, "Mom, will I have a baby if I eat this?" Every time I think of the scene at that time, Li Jimei always laughs out loud, but it is estimated that Hao Yunyang has long forgotten about it. Childhood, how many people can remember clearly? The trunk was filled with the clothes that Hao Yunyang bought for his parents, his third uncle, his third aunt, his uncle, and his grandfather, as well as some packaged Wenzhou specialties, warehousing storage solutions ,warehouse pallet racks, such as duck tongue and dried fish. They were filled to the brim. After they were taken out, they were piled up at the door like a hill. Once again, their mother Li Jimei felt distressed. Then, the things taken out of the back seat were even more outrageous, ranging from electric chafing dish, rice cooker, microwave oven to kitchen knife, chopping board, mobile phone, concave notebook and all kinds of health care products. The most speechless thing was that after opening the microwave oven, there was half of the dough that had obviously been eaten inside. "Mom," profiteer "Hao Yunyang smiled bitterly and cursed in his stomach, but in the face of his parents' confused eyes, he could only smile naturally:" Shopping malls discount, buy a microwave oven to send bread, plug in the electricity to bake it. " And in the process of Hao Yunyang, Wang Shiyu and their parents moving the things in the car home, several aunts who did not leave could see a real one, one by one pondering, this box by box, bag by bag, is it all money? The more I guess, the more I think it's possible, the more I think it's reliable, and then it seems that it's only a matter of time before rumors spread everywhere. "After you left, your mother packed up her things for you every three or five times and moved into the room. She closed the door. Wang Shiyu sat down on a small bamboo chair downstairs consciously. Hao Yunyang followed his parents upstairs and pushed open a room on the right side of the second floor. His father said, Hao Yunyang was silent.". Looking at everything in the house as before, a touch of warmth in the bottom of Hao Yunyang's heart, this is home. Hao's house is a two-storey cement building, which is also one of the few cement buildings in Guanli Village. It was built in 1997 and has been more than ten years since then. Hao Yunyang remembered his father's hard work facing the loess and facing the sky at that time. According to his father's words, his son will grow up sooner or later and get married when he grows up. You can't get married without a decent house, can you? It was in order to build this cement building that the family emptied their savings and borrowed nearly 10,000 yuan from relatives and friends, which was already a great figure at that time. The loan was not repaid until 2007, spanning a whole decade! This is also the main reason why the family is still poor despite its meager income. After paying off the loan, the family's conditions slowly improved. However, in the same year when the loan was paid off, Hao Yunyang left his hometown alone with a dilapidated suitcase and hundreds of yuan in his pocket and set foot on the road of working. Hao Yunyang's mind constantly flashed through all kinds of pictures, and his heart gasped. Mother did not know when to stand on the opposite side of Hao Yunyang, slightly strange, low voice: "Moer, downstairs that person is?" "Oh, him, alas!" Hao Yunyang sighed heavily and said, "He is a friend of mine. His parents died in his early years and he lived on the street." After a story that seemed to be true or false, Hao Yunyang concluded: "In a word, this is a poor child who has suffered great trauma in his heart. He has no place to celebrate the New Year, so I brought him back by the way." "Alas, I really pity my mother and am slightly moved." Yeah,mobile racking systems, poor thing. The father's reply was echoed, and the four words "the wife sings with the husband" were vividly displayed at this moment. Having not returned home for two years, Hao Yunyang had a feeling of revisiting his hometown.

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A fighter is a person who has certain fighting ability, has practiced Taekwondo, Judo, Jeet Kune Do and other skills,alumina c799, and relies on physical ability to fight with others. His fighting ability is not much better than that of ordinary people. Fighters are the upgrade of fighters. At this time, they can rely on their physical abilities and skillful skills to open bricks and gravel, which is more like foreign kungfu.