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Nanxiang, although I really hope to get out of the fascist zone under the jurisdiction of that pervert so that I can continue to find time to watch my TOEFL and GRE and live comfortably, I don't hate him more and more, and even admire him in some places-if he doesn't treat me and Liu Zhiguang with different standards. Chen Xi stopped writing here, remembering that the last time he was in the emergency room, Zhou Ming specially brought Liu Zhiguang to sew up a wound on a patient's back. Before he started, he simply squeezed out a rare gentle and kind smile and said, I think you have practiced very well. There is no problem. Come on, try it. Chen Xi, who was debriding a patient next to him, was so shocked that he almost forgot that he was holding an iodophor cotton ball in his hand and wiped his eyes with it to see if he was wrong. Under such encouragement, Liu Zhiguang put on a solemn and solemn expression on his face and began to use anesthetics, gloves and disinfectant towels. Every step was carried out solemnly and slowly. Next to Chen Xi, he restrained his impulse to laugh and peeked at him, imagining that if a camera only shone on his face and broadcast the expression on his face to the broad masses of people, it was estimated that more than half of the people thought that he was carrying out a great work related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, such as signing for the zero-hour detonation of the atomic bomb. This solemn slowness suddenly got stuck in the shell. Liu Zhiguang held the needle holder, on the curved needle, the hand trembled again, he looked at the side of Zhou Ming,heavy duty metal racking, even glanced at Chen Xi, and then trembled more severely, the face has been red; Zhou Ming's face has been stiff, abruptly want to continue to keep a smile but'smile 'is worse than crying, Chen Xi back turned, smiling to the patient after cleaning the wound covered with gauze ready to bandage, she gloated to think, rotten wood is not carved,metal racking systems, mud is not on the wall, efforts are not able to overcome the difficulties of this idea, to a certain extent, is the Great Leap Forward era'how bold people are. 'How Productive 'is the land in its infancy. Chen Xi stood up to take the bandage, at this time Liu Zhiguang was still shivering, even shivering so hard that he could not hold the handle of the needle holder to jam the curved needle. Now even Chen Xi's patient had already seen some clues and stretched out his head with interest, while the fat man who had been cut on his back could not turn his body because he had a disinfectant towel on his back. He did not know what was happening behind him. He lay on the table holding a standard Beijing film and asked, "Doctor, hurry up."? I've been afraid of injections since I was a child. It's hard to endure the taste of waiting with fear. Chen Xi, who had not been home for three weeks since he entered the department, felt comfortable and kind. He was addicted to teasing and garrulous. He couldn't help but say, "What's your hurry?"? It will take a while for the anesthetic to take effect. Dr. Liu is not in a hurry. He is particularly considerate of your wound and fear of injection. "Oh, thank you, Dr. Liu." Fatty brother is a talkative master, warehouse storage racks ,push back racking system, this is happy, "I said girl, are you a nurse or a doctor?"? How do you assign this patient? Chen Xi tore the bandage skillfully with his bare hands and said happily, "The high-level one will sew the wound for you, and the low-level one like me will tie the bandage or something." "Don't say that." Chen Xi's patient also sat early bored, also happy to pick up the stubble, "I look at the girl you simply quick, the level is not low!"! Next time I get hurt again, I have to find you! In case I have to sew it, I'll leave it to you! Chen Xi had already begun to put on the bandage. Listening to her words, although she knew it was a tease, she couldn't help feeling a little proud. She had always been handy. From the age of three and a half to the time she went to college, she practiced Chinese painting, sketching and violin all the way down, smashing countless silver from her parents. Although she had no great attainments in art, her ten fingers were serious about strength, stability and flexibility; Although she is not very interested in the internship, but the hands of the kungfu is to let Li Bo Qi universe they do not know how many times they do not know how many times, and even because of this, the emergency duty and a little less disgusted with more points with a vain love. At this time, hearing the patient praise her, she was even more excited, deliberately showing off, shaking out the flower shelf, ten fingers flying to tie the bandage knot action is very beautiful, even the last knot, have turned out a beautiful flower. Then the fat man's brother couldn't help asking, "I said that, how long will the anesthetic take effect?"? "Don't miscalculate. Don't wait for it to come back later." Liu Zhiguang trembled so much that his arms trembled. His mask rose and fell with his breathing. He held the needle holder in his hand, but he couldn't buckle it. Zhou Ming turned around and withdrew a pair of sterile gloves from the drawer. He put them on quickly and walked over two steps. Chen Xi thought he was going to push Liu Zhiguang away, but he saw him go over and hold Liu Zhiguang's hands with both hands. He stopped for half a minute. Liu Zhiguang's arms finally stopped shaking and his hands stopped shaking. Zhou Ming retreated half a step. Liu Zhiguang finally closed his eyes and clasped the needle holder. That's it for today. Good preparation. It's very standard. Zhou Ming took the needle holder from his hand, treated the wound in half a minute, covered it with gauze, pasted it with adhesive tape, and said to Liu Zhiguang, "Go to get a tetanus injection." Chen Xi was in a daze for a long time, but suddenly she felt very bored. Then she caught a glimpse of the flower on her patient's bandage. Her face felt feverish, and she had an impulse to cut it off with a pair of scissors. Her complacency disappeared completely, and she quietly packed up the odds and ends at hand. Liu Zhiguang bowed his head and went out, and the two patients went out of the emergency operating room one after the other. When they were waiting for the tetanus injection and medicine, they were already chatting like acquaintances; Only Zhou Ming and Chen Xi were left in the operating room, and Chen Xi felt a little flustered-she did not know how many times she had violated discipline from childhood to adulthood, how many times she had been invited to her parents, and even because of a series of cartoons that combined the teacher's head with the donkey's body, the art teacher was ill for three days and could not come to work.. But she had never been so flustered. Zhou Ming stood motionless in the middle, folded his arms and did not speak. When Chen Xi had nothing to clean up and had to stand up and pass by,pallet rack shelving, she found that he looked at herself without anger or sarcasm, which she did not know very well, and made her even more flustered.

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Xia Yunsheng's attitude towards him became cold, on the contrary, he felt a kind of guilt towards his daughter. For the first time, he seemed to find that he owed a lot to Weilan,fine bubble diffuser, a girl who had always lacked warmth and love. She is so weak that she needs someone to protect her. That summer vacation, Xia Yunsheng specially asked for leave to accompany his daughter to travel to the seaside. Because there is a "blue" in the name, Weilan has been yearning for the sea since childhood.