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Whoosh, a bamboo leaf flew over Chunyu's face and my head, his forehead was tight, and his back string was really a hot temper. No, how the air is cold again, peep at Chunyu beside him, only feel that there is a group of black gas tightly wrapped around him, deadly, these two are not going to open the shelf. I figured it out. I guess Hou Xian was itching all over in the Huguo Mansion, so he wanted to find someone to fight with. Recommend Xiao Chusheng's "rebirth of the former actress", ISBN: 1021939 How can life be like grass? The ordinary-looking female actor was killed in an accident. She was unwilling to fulfill her wish. Unexpectedly, she was reborn. Life is unpredictable, see how she cut through the thorns, in this world, kill a blood road. Actress: It refers to an actress who acts. There is also the saying of actress and actress (it is associated with other non-CJ bobbins, standing in the corner, 300 times since PIA). Novel net mobile phone asked: http://WAP. 16K CN Computer Access: http://wwW. 16K Cn In the second episode, the world granary of the case in the case, Chapter 20 is a group fight. Uh. Another 250 is still half short. War is imminent. I don't like fighting. Maybe it's an instinct of women to fight against violence. I wanted to stop it, but my body was pushed away by Chunyu. Before he had time to react, the back string jumped over. Chunyu turned around, flashed the wind of the back string, and pulled out a shining silver sword from his waist. Why didn't I realize he had a sword hidden in his waist? The light of the sword swept my eyes. The soft sword like a snake was like a dragon in Chunyu's hand. It smiled at the back string and lips. Without any weapon, it was obvious that he could do it with ease. His body was as fast as lightning, as dexterous as a cunning rabbit, dodging one silver light after another. You despise me! Chun Yu front thorn,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, after the string general back turn, long braid in the air draw arc: "That's right!" " Chunyu scurried, the sword stabbed to the foot of the back string, the back string turned forward in the air, one hand on Chunyu's shoulder jumped behind Chunyu, fell on the bamboo pole. Then he smiled slyly, and when Chunyu turned around, he raised his foot and kicked a bamboo leaf to Chunyu. The bamboo leaf was as fast as a sharp arrow, straight to Chunyu's face,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, and I was so nervous that I dared not breathe. But Chunyu was obviously calmer than me. He raised the sword in his hand, and the sharp sword blew off his hair. Immediately, the bamboo leaves split into two when they touched Chunyu's sword and fell slowly. In a flash, everything was quiet. The back string still stood on the bamboo pole with his hands around his chest. Chunyu held his sword in his hand and did not move. The distant dust finally connected the strings, while the song still turned its back to the crowd and played with the flute in his hand. "Uh.." I just sent out a syllable to break the silence, after the string kicked up again, this time, is a few bamboo leaves, bamboo leaves one after another, swept to Chunyu, I sigh, these two people play. The silver light flashed, sweeping through every part of the bamboo forest. Suddenly, something crossed my face, bringing out a trace of coolness. Then, the bamboo I was leaning against slowly fell down, and a few strands of broken hair fell from the corner of my eyes. I was stunned! It turns out that bamboo leaves can break bamboo! Immediately, see the bamboo leaves also fly to the distant dust and from the song, 304 stainless steel wire ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, the heart immediately lifted, and the distant dust is leisurely put his hand on the strings, "miso!" Onion white fingers in the sun across a jade light, bamboo leaves in front of his piano slightly pause, and then, in the air broken. As a result, the breaking sound of bamboo, the sound of piano, the whirling sound of falling bamboo leaves and the fluttering sound of clothes are all mixed together to form a special harmony. Between the greenery, bamboo leaves leap in the air, drift, fall, break, and finally evolve into a group fight. I'm cold and sweaty. I don't have martial arts. If I'm cut down by bamboo leaves, won't I be dismembered? Just thinking about it, I felt a green shadow floating, I instinctively focused my eyes on the front, at that moment, the voices around suddenly disappeared from my mind, only the green shadow in front of me, it became clearer and clearer, it was a bamboo leaf! The speed of bamboo leaves gradually slowed down, I was surprised at the change of its speed, sideways, watching it across the eyes, curiously reached out, clamped, and felt a strong pull! There seemed to be some force in my body that began to converge on my fingers. I followed the pull and turned around with the bamboo leaves. Then, I let go, and the bamboo leaves flew back and forth. My chest felt stuffy and I felt like vomiting. Seemed to understand something, but not very clear, can see the movement of bamboo leaves mostly because of the effect of concentration, elegant body was originally practiced martial arts, eyesight, ears and body skills are extraordinary, and has been integrated into the blood, into instinct. When the spirit is relaxed again, the sound around it instantly returns to the brain like a backflow, it's footsteps, and it's two! "What kind of martial arts did you just do?" Hou Xian was already standing in front of me. He dragged my arm and asked excitedly. Chunyu came over and said, "Hou Xian, don't be unreasonable!" "The loser stands aside. Hey, what kind of martial arts did you just have? I've never seen it before!" He gave me face by calling me hello. I was.. Suddenly, a stream of heat countercurrent, I immediately covered my mouth, only to feel the hot liquid gushing out of my mouth and nasal cavity, fingertips instantly stained with blood, the whole person immediately dumbfounded. You say to spit blood also just, how to still shed nosebleed! "Madam!" When Chunyu cried out, Houxian immediately clasped my wrist and held my pulse: "Why is your True Qi so messy?" Without saying a word, he pushed me to the ground, turned around and sat behind me, pushing his palm on my back. Chunyu crouched down in front of me and looked at me worriedly and solemnly. Feeling a stream of air pressing down on my chest, I breathed a long sigh of relief and wiped my nose and lips with my sleeve. I began to wonder, after all, I didn't know how to do martial arts,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and I didn't understand those routines very well. The body was a little more comfortable, but the limbs felt cold. Your internal force is so deep that you will go crazy if you don't run it well. Don't you understand such a simple truth? Hou Xian turned back to me and put his hand on my shoulder. I looked at him blankly. He became very serious now, as if he were a new person.

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There was only a glimmer of cold light. By Chu Tianming one after another to expose their own do those ugly things, Qingyun's face changed again and again, and finally issued a weak sigh. An act of God! It's God's will. Hanging his head, Qingyun is like a defeated rooster, suddenly lost all the fighting spirit, at this time he,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, even if Chu Tianming does not kill him. He will not have any achievements in the future. We had nothing to do with each other, but unfortunately, you made the wrong choice!