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10 janv. 2023 à 6h44   Autre   Safi   36 vues
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Heat Shrink Tubing Dual Wall size chart Who Are We? DASITE CABLE ACCESSORIES is a professional manufacturer and supplier of high-quality heat shrink and cold shrink product. We provide reliable and high-quality protection for all insulation problems. Our heat shrink tubing covers a wide range of areas like the automotive, electrical, marine, aerospace, and industrial. Our Story DASITE CABLE ACCESSORIES started at humble beginnings with only four employees and a capital of $10,000. It was challenging to rise due to financial issues, but we severed with determination. Today Dasite has served customers from more than 50 countries, providing them with the most reliable products and professional services, supporting them in the heat shrink market, and growing together. Our Advantages Across the many markets DASITE serves, we offer a comprehensive array of heat shrink applications and services to help our customers run safer, more efficient, and more sustainable operations. Experience Since 2018 Member 50+ Service 24 Hours Area 6500 銕?/p> Obtain Patent 20+ Products 500+ Our Products Our main products include heat shrink tubing, cold shrink tubing, heat shrink cable accessories, and cold shrink cable accessories. We offer different types of heat shrink tubing, including thin wall heat shrink tubes, single wall heat shrink tubes, dual wall heat shrink tubing, and adhesive-lined heat shrinkable tubing. We also have different heat shrink tubing colors like green, yellow, red, black, and clear heat shrink tubing. We also provide flame-retardant heat shrink tubing and non-flame-retardant heat shrink tubing to meet your requirements. We also provide other products like cable ties, spiral wrap, split loom, cold shrink termination, cable termination, cable joint, etc. Mission To expand our market beyond the borders of China and develop markets in Europe, America, and Asia.Heat Shrink Tubing Dual Wall size chart website:

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