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18 oct. 2022 à 3h36   Formation   Agadir   120 vues
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Cai Feng breathed a sigh of relief and asked indifferently, "What happened to her?" "Ha ha!" Xianyu Xiuwen smiled with pride and ridicule and said, "I advise you to die of this heart. I'm afraid that pretty woman is in the arms of King yuan Zhen at the moment.." "You want to die!" Cai Feng shouted angrily, and the murderous look that was surging in his body all gushed out at the moment, and his face, which was already a little pale, was now red with blood. As he spoke, Cai Feng's figure, like a phantom, rushed to Xianyu Xiuwen in the wind. At this moment, there was only a strong killing and anger in his mind that could almost tear everything to pieces, and all the anger and sadness in his heart burst out completely at this moment. Cai Feng has almost become an angry lion at the moment, an invincible knife. The yellow sand on the ground and the north wind in the air almost all changed their original rules in an instant, and suddenly formed a surging cyclone in the void, a very strong storm. Xianyu Xiuwen surprised, he didn't think Cai Feng would be so terrible, so elusive, so violent, then he thought of Xianyu Xiuli said, if Cai Feng is not injured, then the injury may be the three of them, this sentence at this time for Xianyuxiuwen, absolutely not suspicious. Xianyu Xiuwen will never be a man waiting for death,outdoor ficus tree, although in the face of Cai Feng such a terrible attack, as well as those mysterious archers hidden in the yellow sand, but he still has to fight, Xianyu family only died, no one waiting for death without a fight. The strength of the cutting body almost made Xianyu Xiuwen's clothes cut to pieces. With a wild howl, Xianyu Xiuwen stood up from horseback, and with a huge and extremely thick gate board knife, he swung his arms and cut Cai Feng crazily. The void seemed to be like a broken bamboo,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, sending out a burst of cracking noise, which startled the horse into a wild hiss. Boom! When! ' I do not know when, Cai Feng's hand and more than a sword, really no one noticed that Cai Feng's hand will appear this, because even see Cai Feng hand out of the sleeve of the windbreaker is almost no one, this is how terrible a thing? No one saw clearly how Cai Feng shot, even Cai Feng's body shape can not be distinguished, it is a completely beyond the concept of speed action. Xian Yu Xiuwen only knew that Cai Feng had appeared in front of him at the beginning, before his horse, the distance of three Zhangs was like a very small line, so casually crossed, then reached the front of him, it really had to be alarming, but although he was frightened, he absolutely dared not give up fighting back, he was a master, outdoor palm trees ,large artificial blossom trees, he could feel it. The only thing was where Cai Feng might come from, so his sword met Cai Feng's sword in the previous moment, So he closed his eyes. Cai Feng's heart is still so calm, the whole world has become extremely solemn, become extremely lonely, think of Xianyu Xiuwen said, his heart will be if tens of millions of steel needles in the heavy prick, his heart is also if the dew sprinkled on the snowfield for thousands of years, wind blowing, snow freezing, almost became a hard and cold ice mass, his feeling,artificial grass panels, there is only one way to vent his grief and indignation, that is killing. Xianyu Xiuwen deserves to be a master. At the last moment, he woke up and realized that he could not do this. He closed his eyes in time.

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