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22 déc. 2022 à 6h07   Ingénierie   Ahfir   40 vues
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Hydrocolloid Pimple Patch manufacturers Descriptions: Acne pimple patch uses thin, invisible hydrocolloid materials and plant extracts to isolate makeup and achieve the purpose of clearing acne. Hydrocolloid absorbs pus, excess sebum, and impurities from developing or already-inflamed acnes, helping faster healing. It also protects the concerned area from causing even more severe wound/scar by sealing the area and keeps them moisturized. Features 1.WATERPROOF Seals the wounds and scars with a water-resistant, protective layer 2. BLOCK BACTERIA / CONTAMINATION Prevents secondary contamination or infection from fine dust & bacteria 3. ABSORPTION Absorbs pus, excess sebum and impurities from developing or already-inflamed acnes 4. MOIST & BREATHABLE ENVIRONMENT Keeps concerned areas in an optimally moist and breathable environment to protects scars & wounds for faster healing HOW TO USE: Clean and thoroughly dry hands and pimple area. Place one acnepatch over pimple and gently press edges to seal. Leave on for one to eight hours. To remove, wash and dry hands, then grasp edge of acne patch and stretch until it releases from skin. Clean and dry affected area. Specifications Size: Dia 12mm*20 pcs Color: colorful print , star shapes, flow shapes etc.. Packaging: 1pc/pouch. Special requirements OEM&ODM are available. we accept customized size and shape .Hydrocolloid Pimple Patch manufacturers website:

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Rare Earth factory Scandium Sulfate銆銆 Molecular formula: Sc2(SO4)3路6H2O銆銆 CAS: 13465-61-7銆銆 Physical properties: White tasteless crystal銆銆 Appearance: white tasteless crystal, stable under normal temperature and pressure Uses: used for various semiconductor devices, alloy manufacturing, special glass containing scandium, etc Packaging: woven bag packaging 25, 50 / kg, 1000 kg / ton package, cardboard barrel packaging 25, 50 kg / barrel. Index (%) TREO:鈮?4.35%Sc2O3/TREO:鈮?9.99% RE Impurities Content(%)Non-RE Impurities Content(Max %) CeO2: < 0.001 La2O3 : < 0.001 Pr6O11: < 0.001 Nd2O3 : < 0.0005 Sm2O3: < 0.0005Fe2O3: 0.0008 CL-: 0.005 SiO2: 0.001 CaO: 0.003 PbO: 0.001 Note: We can provide customized products and packaging according to customers' special requirements.銆銆Rare Earth factory website: