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18 oct. 2022 à 3h37   Électronique   Agadir   105 vues
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Through the Internet, this man may be a wretched bald old man who doesn't wash his feet. Song Xiuran was disgusted by his brain, how to look at the position of the first list, he immediately charged money into the account, directly to Xu Tong brush three hundred thousand gifts. Originally he wanted to brush a little more, but he was afraid that Xu Tong's woman was too excited. Anyway, as long as he surpassed the old bald man, it didn't matter how much he brushed. Song Xiuran gave Xu Tong more than a dozen of the most expensive gifts on the platform, all of a sudden let her popularity rise to the top ten, the position also squeezed into the home page. Many fans of other anchors went to Xu Tong's live broadcast room to dig a corner openly. Tuhao, Tuhao, come to the live broadcast room 123456 to see our fairy glutinous rice dumplings, more beautiful than this anchor, sweeter than this anchor. The cheese in the studio 445566 is also very sweet. Coward: [too ugly, don't look, get out] Each anchor live broadcast room is not allowed to advertise to other anchors, especially in the form of brushing the room number on the bullet screen, which is a big taboo for live broadcast. Without waiting for Xu Tong to say anything, the housekeeper in her live studio immediately sent a no-talk package to the group of people who came to make trouble. Hahaha,faux ficus tree, the boss is so straightforward. [Inexplicably feel good relief, which of the above anchors is not more popular than Xiaomi, ran to her live broadcast room to pull the audience, eating is too ugly.] "I just want to be good." The user brushed 50,000 yuan for Xu Tong on the first day she entered the live broadcast room. That night, Xu Tong was so excited that she didn't sleep all night. Originally, she thought that was the highlight of her live broadcast career. Who knew that tonight,faux ficus tree, the not-so-pleasant "coward" actually brushed 300,000 yuan for her directly. What is the concept of three hundred thousand? You can buy a house in a small city with more money. Although the 300,000 yuan was divided 50-50 between her and the platform, it was a huge sum of money for her. Boss, you must not do those illegal and criminal things in order to reward, or add a wechat and I will refund you the money. Xu Tong has seen a lot of gossip news before, there are many people in order to reward the anchor embezzled public funds, or used the family's life-saving money, every time she sees this kind of news, she will feel that these people are completely brainless weak/intelligent. Did not expect her to meet such a person today, although the brush gift is the will of the audience, but if the money is really illegal and criminal, how can Xu Tong take it with a good conscience. Coward: [only three hundred thousand, still need to commit a crime. Who are you looking down on? Why don't you ask that person how he got the money?] Three hundred thousand. My God, silk ficus tree ,Faux cherry blossom tree, I really don't understand the world of the rich. Do you think I dare to eat it? Who knows the address of Xiaomi's home and stands up by himself? To be honest, I think it's better not to eat it for the sake of safety. Who knows what's in it? Fool, have you ever been opened? Don't you know? Is there anything you dare not eat? Xu Tong listened to the "cowardly" words,fake blossom tree, opened the plastic bag, the food inside is sealed, there is no trace of being touched.

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