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Wei Chi Wei waved to the disciples of He Qing Zong to surround the three of them, along with the head of Wu Ri Men: "Return my son's life!" Although he shouted loudly, the master of Wurimen did not dare to start at all. He was only a young man in the early days of yuan Ying's cultivation, and he relied on all kinds of panaceas to pile up. He was not even an opponent of Deming. Wei Chi Wei also didn't dare to do it, but he didn't want to give up. After all, the sword would protect itself and resist the self-explosion of the Golden Elixir Friar. It was precious: "Elder Xu, I heard from the disciple that this woman robbed your disciple's chance in the secret land. Why don't we join hands to catch her? I just want to help my great-granddaughter avenge. I don't want any of the two inheritance in this woman's hands." Give it all to your faction. Elder Xu had already known all the things from Chu Luo and Song Nong. He had doubts in his heart, but he didn't look at Chuxiao much. He just said, "Decades ago, I didn't participate in these things in Tianyi Pavilion. No matter revenge or inheritance, if you want to kill or rob, don't involve us." Wei Chi Wei simply did not believe that anyone would not care about the inheritance: "Is your disciple willing to make such a decision as Elder Xu?" Song Nong opened his mouth and said, "I am lucky to get it, but I have no chance to inherit it if I lose my life." Elder Xu sneered and said directly, "Let's go." Whether the person who helps them is the dawn or not, they can not let people know the real mind, but hurt that person. If it's dawn.. Elder Xu felt a little relieved and a little amused,facial recognition thermometer, and sure enough, no matter where he went, he was not an honest man. Chapter 29 exposure of identity. The departure of Tianyi Pavilion made the dizzy dawn breathe a sigh of relief and feel a little disappointed. This time, I don't know when and what kind of situation it will be next time. Demon seed this matter is very serious, but there is no harm in a short time, the change of the secret place is more worrying, and she noticed that Shao Li has not appeared so far,outdoor digital signage displays, is not out yet? But according to the speed of the collapse of the secret, if you don't come out, you won't have a chance to come out. Or does the collapse of the secret world have something to do with Shao Li? Chuxiao couldn't see through Shao Li, and what Shao Li did in the secret place was definitely not a good person, but Chuxiao felt that Shao Li should have no hostility to himself and Tianyi Pavilion. The master would borrow Shao Li's identity to appear, which showed that they knew each other, and the master also recognized this person. But love robbery! Damn the secret, harm she failed to listen to the important things completely, Chuxiao silently gave the Demons another note. She couldn't care about the death of Dechang. He was confronting Yuchi Wei at this time. He was not afraid of Yuchi Wei, but there were too many people present. He had to protect the princess. The most important thing was that the wind and rain boat was missing with the death of Dechang, but the self-explosion of Jindan Friar could not destroy the wind and rain boat. If the wind and rain boat is saying, she can kill Wei Chi Wei, Interactive digital signage ,touch screen digital signage, and then take Deming and the princess to leave. She said in a cold voice, "What evidence do you have?"? I think you're talking nonsense, but you're just looking for money. Wei Chi Wei was really interested in money, but he would not admit it.  Aren't all the royal families dead? Someone immediately said, "Go and invite Elder Xu from Tianyi Pavilion back." Even Yuchi Wei, who had been in Yunzhou all the time,digital signage kiosk, had heard of the reputation of the Jingmeng Sword. The most important thing was that the Jingmeng Sword was a treasure of the Yao people. He was shocked and said, "There are still people alive in the Yao people?" At this time, no one answered Wei Chi Wei's question.

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