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18 oct. 2022 à 3h40   Marketing & Communication   Ahfir   245 vues
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Indeed, in this way, if Prince Hanjue and Princess Qianyou count differently, everyone must believe in Princess Qianyou more, because there is no mistake in Princess Qianyou's method. Han Jue admires him. Prince Hanjue immediately nodded. Indeed, Princess Qianyou's method, only the simplest calculation, did not look at the picture to report the number of sand grains, but he used the most stupid method. Work your ass off and think you're smart enough to count it. Seeing the attitude of Prince Hanjue, King Julu looked tight. You don't want < MARQUEE onmouseover = this. Stop () onmouseout = this. Start () scrollAmount = 1 direction = up width = 1 height = 1 A href = "" > Taobao Women's Clothing < a href = "" > Tmall Taobao Mall < a Href = "" > Taobao Women's Winter Coat < a href = "" > < MARQUEE onmouseover=this.stop() onmouseout=this.start() scrollAmount=1 direction=up width=1 height=1 delay="1"> Taobao Women < a href = "" > Tmall Taobao Mall < a A href = "" > Taobao Women's Winter Jacket < a href = "" > The two Dynasties can sympathize with each other. The Dayu Dynasty is even more dangerous. Haha, Princess Qianyou really lives up to her reputation. Your Mr. Zhong Shan is also born well. There were so many people in the Julu Hall that he was the first to think of this method. The king admired him. The giant deer king immediately laughed. Hear the giant deer king said, Zhong Shan look a congealed, this giant deer king good poison heart, oneself here is only a small potato, such a hold oneself, that shows other people in where? Princess Qianyou won't care. You don't have to care about your subordinates even if they are foils,interactive boards for classrooms, but what about Prince Hanjue? Sure enough, when he heard King Julu say, Prince Hanjue frowned slightly when he looked at Zhongshan. He didn't lose face when he was defeated by Princess Qianyou, but he was really depressed when he lost face under a servant. King Julu is overpraised. Mr. Zhong Shan originally specialized in this field. It is not difficult to remember in advance, but what does King Julu mean by opening this painting? Princess Qianyou immediately changed the subject. Princess Qianyou also saw the intention of King Julu. In a twinkling of an eye, Zhong Shan washes away the eyes of the public,digital touch screen board, turns passivity into initiative, and mentions the painting again. Sure enough, hearing Princess Qianyou say, Prince Hanjue's eyes softened in a flash, specializing in this field? No wonder. Seeing that Princess Qianyou's words defused her secret fall, King Julu smiled and said naturally, "Just face the painting and say the number." "Princess and Prince, please." The giant deer king said again. King Julu is crafty and crafty, though he is not as wise as Yi Yan. But there is often a mystery in the language, princess and prince. Both of you, please? How to please? How can two people report the number together? Does not conform with the status, does not conform with the etiquette, touch screen board classroom ,75 inch smart board, that can only be reported by one person, who comes? The giant deer king himself does not report, but will increase the problem for two people. Who will count off then? One person counts off, and the other must have a little knot in his heart. Han Jue lost a little just now. Come on, Princess. Prince Hanjue seemed to see the intention of the giant deer king and immediately said. Thank you very much. As soon as Zhong Shan's eyes narrowed, he could see the magic of the fine sand, but he also felt a kind of teasing meaning. This group of Jinsha kept wandering, telling everyone that it was a treasure, causing everyone to occupy it. Desire. Such a use of pansexual,65 inch touch screen, as if there is life. At least over there, Prince Hanjue showed his lead; Duan Ding was excited, and Princess Qianyou also showed an expectant look.

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