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"Opportunity alone is not enough. Without the start-up capital provided by Spicher, I can't cook a meal without rice." Lin Zhenhua said. "One thing I've always wondered about, Lin," Ford said. "How did you know about the BUG in our machine tool control system? Our source code is strictly confidential. You know, just because you provided those source code patches, (W//R \ S/H \ U) our company conducted another thorough security check, and found no signs of compromise. Lin Zhenhua smiled and said, "Since you have not discovered the leak, then naturally there is no leak.". You know, in Chinese traditional culture, there have always been some mysterious things, such as special powers. "No, no, no, I don't believe that." Ford shook his head and said, "I did hear that there are some Qigong masters in China who can penetrate people's hearts.". But even I don't know the source code,silk ficus tree, how can you understand it from my mind? As for our programmers, I don't believe your Qigong will work across the Pacific Ocean, will it? Lin Zhenhua smiles but does not speak, passes through this kind of dog blood matter, how lets him explain to Ford? Seeing that Lin Zhenhua had no intention of revealing the answer to the riddle, Ford said disappointedly,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, "Forget it. Let's let it become a mystery through the ages.". We have investigated and heard that you have served in the Chinese army. Some people in our company suspect that you are a mysterious force belonging to the Chinese military. An ordinary civil machine tool company like us can't keep secret in front of you at all. "This.." Lin Zhenhua wanted to cry without tears. Come on, let's get down to business. He is too lazy to explain, mystery is mystery, a little more mystery, but also can become their own protective color, at least, Spiescher company dare not go down. 175 Commission 175 Commission "Mr. Ford, we have asked you to come to Guangzhou this time to talk with you about the overseas sales of our company's machine tool accessories." Lin Zhenhua began to enter the theme. Ford said, "I have read the information that Qian's lawyer gave me, and I am very shocked.". The more than ten kinds of machine tool accessories developed by your company are very ingenious in conception and have very universal applicability. They can greatly improve the use efficiency of existing machine tools. Their market prospects are very good. "Thank you, Mr. Ford, large palm trees for sale ,silk cherry blossom tree, for your affirmation." Lin Zhenhua said. "What's particularly remarkable is that you've patented all of these inventions," Otherwise, once product quality problems occur,decorative palm trees, we will cancel the cooperation with this partner company. "You can rest assured of the quality." Lin Zhenhua said, "I can accept the way you said about cooperation, and we are proud to be the manufacturer recommended by Spischer Company."

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