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28 nov. 2022 à 9h15   Marketing & Communication   Sale   24 vues
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The design of this modern kitchen focuses on sintered stone materials now. The sintered stone kitchen cabinet panel has simple lines, obvious sand grain texture and more toughness, which is deeply loved by young elites. Because of its unique colour, it can add more inspiration to the design of the kitchen. The natural texture of light-coloured marble is integrated with dark grey to create a comfortable and natural atmosphere. The door handle is designed in one piece, adding to the overall luxurious style. The tall cabinets that line the walls feature a marbled finish for an elegant and elegant visual effect. The kitchen island integrates powerful functions. Let this not only be a cooking operation space, a parent-child interaction space, but also a new social area.
Product nameSintered stone kitchen cabinet
MaterialSintered stone
ColourAs picture
Assembly needNon-slip mat
Caring instructionsWipe by cloth
DeliveryAccording your location
Size (CM)According your demand
PackingStandard Export Carton+Wooden Crate
The kitchen countertops range from several generations of panel materials such as prefabricated cement boards, natural marble boards, and artificial quartz boards. Although these materials are beautiful, they also have many disadvantages, such as the heaviness of the cement board, and the lack of simplicity and rigidity. Although natural marble slabs are beautiful and durable, they are often limited by specifications and sizes, resulting in high prices. The artificial quartz plate is beautiful and practical, and the construction is convenient, but the colour for long-term use is not as good as before. The sintered stone slab can be customized according to the needs of different users. It can be said that it is the most popular and economical panel material for kitchen countertops. With the increasing maturity of 3mm sintered stone, its application in cabinet doors is becoming more and more popular. The sintered stone slab is first of all simple, giving people a dignified feeling. Then it is very durable, not easy to be broken and scratched, suitable for the kitchen where the frequency of use is high and it is easy to cause damage to the material, and it is still as new after long-term use. And because it is a non-porous material, bacteria cannot grow on it, so we can process food on sintered slab stone surface directly. After processing we can wipe the stain with a dishrag and general water. For the kitchen, reducing the existence of bacteria is particularly important to our health.Kitchen Cabinet manufacturers
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