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Of course, this does not mean that the Adventurers Guild already has detailed information about the strange beast planet. In fact, there are many mysterious areas that have not yet been touched by humans, or that no one has come out of those places alive. Before Duan Hongyu came to the strange beast planet, he knew that the planet was different, but when he really set foot on the planet, he knew how weird it was. Here the air is filled with a strange energy, only a few kilometers away, wireless signals will be completely blocked, the strength of the power here will be greatly limited, even the perception of Duan Hongyu and Cher has been compressed to a few hundred meters within the area. Eighty percent of the strange beasts on the strange beast planet have the ability of energy attack immunity. Any energy weapon is a chicken rib here. The power people are more restricted here. In addition, there are a large number of strange beasts that are more powerful than the holy mecha fighters, so that human beings have not conquered the planet so far. Even if the most powerful country lands on the strange beast planet, there is no certainty of victory. What it can do is to use super weapons to destroy the planet in space, but that is obviously not in anyone's interest, so it will become a paradise for adventurers. Hope has landed, people gathered together to discuss the next action plan, in the choice and number of adventure personnel must be careful, an optimized team can have greater security, but also better complete the task. Powers will be limited here, so stay here to guard the space ship. The number of people should not be too large when taking risks. If the number is small, it will be easier to get away when in danger. Gorman, what do you think is the best combination and number of people? Duan Hongyu made a decision in the general direction, and the specific choice was to consult Gorman modestly. Gorman is the strategist of the Red Moon Mercenary Corps. Although his personal strength is average, he is an old mercenary with rich experience and is familiar with the strange beast planet. So for Duan Hongyu,asrs warehouse, a newcomer, it is a wise choice to listen to his opinions. Since the head asked me, I am not polite, because of the special situation of the strange beast planet, so the powers are left behind, by the head, Rose, Clark, Titan,drive in racking system, Wolf and Volpe brothers and I form a team of seven people is the most appropriate, although my fighting capacity is limited, but I know a lot of things here. Gorman said rudely. Hearing Gorman's words, Duan Hongyu nodded, and the others had no objection. Gorman's choice is very appropriate, Duan Hongyu is a master of ancient martial arts, Rose is a gunman, Wolf and Wolp brothers are good at fighting, will not be restricted by the special environment of the strange beast planet; Clark and Titan are also powers, but they are very special. Titan relies on his own strength. Even if Clark's powers are limited, his marksmanship makes him qualified enough. As for himself, when he can't use wireless communication, the guide is obviously very important. Because there are a lot of top-quality medicines and Duan Hongyu, there is no need for other people with healing abilities in the team, so Susan, Mugu and Nick with auxiliary abilities do not need to take risks. Prepare according to Gorman's choice, but add Cher and Bing. Duan Hongyu made the final decision. For Duan Hongyu's decision, no one questioned, Teardrop Pallet Racking ,mobile racking systems, Cher and Bing's ability is obvious to all, everyone knows that Duan Hongyu must have his reasons. Cher can be transformed into Duan Hongyu's battle armor at a critical moment, and her vast knowledge will also play a very important role, so it is inevitable to take her with her. As for Bing, although she is also a power, but her ability can be described more appropriately, the environment here will not limit her ability at all, and her fighting talent is not comparable to many people, even if she does not use special abilities, her combat effectiveness is also very considerable. Yes The crowd replied that everyone had no opinion about Duan Hongyu's arrangement. The original people who followed Duan Hongyu need not say, his words are orders, only need to obey unconditionally; for the original Red Moon mercenary regiment, obeying orders is a necessary quality for mercenary soldiers. Although there are more than two hundred biochemical soldiers in the Hope, Duan Hongyu did not choose them, because their IQ is not enough for adventure activities; Clark is also mentally retarded, but his fighting quality is beyond doubt, and his mind has become much more flexible during this period. Feng Ling himself is a power, is in the training stage, so also obediently stay down. Moreover, there must always be someone here to take charge of the overall situation, and it is not necessarily easy to guard the space ship. Linger, after we leave, you will be responsible for everything on the Hope. If you encounter any problems, you can discuss with Dr. Colby. Everything is safe. Duan Hongyu said to Feng Ling, but also said to the others left behind. Feng Ling is his woman, the strength is also very strong, stay in charge of the hope number enough to convince the public. Although this Gobi is very safe, but also can not be careless, if there is any accident, there is no person in charge, will certainly fall into chaos, in the strange beast planet this place, everywhere crisis, it is always good to be careful. Yu, you can rest assured, I must be optimistic about the hope, so that all the people are safe, you have to be more careful, safe return. Feng Ling answered earnestly. All right, everybody get ready. We leave in two hours. As soon as Duan Hongyu gave the order, all the people dispersed and adjusted their state, ready to start at any time. This period of time, Cher has been busy, the big insect skin has long been made into scales, including helmets and boots, enough to cut tens of thousands of sets, including the best quality soft armor made of soft skin from the belly of the insect also has hundreds of sets, in addition to Duan Hongyu, Cher and Bing Er but people can not use, each person issued a set. With the protection of these scales, the defense ability of the people is greatly strengthened, and the risk is also more secure. Although the space ring is rare, each of the nine people who decided to take the risk got one, which contained enough food, water and other daily necessities,shuttle rack system, as well as sharp long knives, several kinds of firearms and enough bullets, as well as some of the best medicines.

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A fighter is a person who has certain fighting ability, has practiced Taekwondo, Judo, Jeet Kune Do and other skills,alumina c799, and relies on physical ability to fight with others. His fighting ability is not much better than that of ordinary people. Fighters are the upgrade of fighters. At this time, they can rely on their physical abilities and skillful skills to open bricks and gravel, which is more like foreign kungfu.