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 Lady Wang lit them one by one. The brightness in the room naturally increases bit by bit. There are indeed paintings on the walls, and they are murals. The 360-degree round walls can be seen all the way. The colors are bright. The mountain forest Wulu and the figure, Yang Chaocheng, seem to be active and flying in the painting. At first,inflatable floating water park, an old couple and a little girl were cutting firewood in the mountains. In the distance, the sudden stone is on the same field to help the people of a peptide to correct their skills. And then there are two people who come in and grab the little girl to go. Then two men fell from the sky and killed the two sorcerers with their flying swords. The two suddenly turned out to be Qi Jinling and Monk Shi. The painting is not only perfectly lifelike, but also looks more and more like words. Qi Jinchi was very happy to see it, except that he felt as if there really was such a thing, especially when he was painted so bravely. He gradually said that he had been immersed in it, and he really felt as if he had experienced it. There was a fight between the regimental commanders. One and fly to create a magic weapon to come out together. As the smiling monk watched, the ball swayed in his mind and seemed to fly out of his body to meet the monk in the painting. At this moment, he suddenly remembered that Master Nian had said that there was a legend of Pang's painting in Pang Dao. If a person is imperceptibly captured by the magic on the painting,Inflatable meltdown, the godless person is immediately forbidden to spend money in the painting, and falls into a fantasy and changes forever until the essence is exhausted and dies. Could it be that this painting is a reverse painting of the so-called "Great Illusion"? Laughing monk thought of here, 'God a tight, turn a look. But there was no sign of Lady Wang, and the door was closed. The laughing monk immediately alerted that the situation was not right. Shout, "Brother Golden Cicada.". This is a big magic scene. Don't get caught up in it. Each report put forward by Guozhi was of no use at all. Qi Quange was still standing stupidly, as if he had entered samadhi, and could not understand the words of the laughing monk at all. And now he really seems to be fighting with Wo people in the painting, and Wu is already in the wilderness. The laughing monk grinned, and immediately sat on the ground, making a contribution. The light on his head rose, and the colorful relic building appeared slowly. At that moment, the lights in the house suddenly went out, Inflatable indoor park ,large inflatable water slide, and the ground seemed to be spinning. Shocked, the laughing monk immediately hugged Qi Jinchan's body and shouted, "Come on!" This is the five acres of sarira beads. In the darkness, Qi Jinchan was heard saying in a suspicious voice, "Monk, where are we laughing?" The monk was relieved and said, "You've finally woken up. We've followed someone else's path. We have to find a way out." The golden cicada had indeed turned around, and with a sweep of her eyes, she found that all around her, under the light of the colorful treasures, was boundless and boundless. "You're just playing tricks on the Seven Treasures Stupa. Don't you think I know?"? Now you still have a glimmer of life, as long as you send up your colorful stupa, this Panchen will let bygones be bygones and let you go back. "" Monk, "said Qi Jinchan with a laugh," what do you think they should do if they use your clever mind? " "Chupai,Inflatable water obstacle course," said the laughing monk, "If I promise to give you the pagoda, how can you accept it?".

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