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As the saying goes, although there are many prohibitions in the labyrinth, they can't resist the exploration method of advancing step by step. The combination of Han Fei and Emperor Yewudi is more than ten times more efficient than the service magician. Finding the end point is the inevitable result. But at the end, the pace of the two people was finally blocked. At the end of the labyrinth is a gate, a huge stone gate with a height of more than ten meters, which is full of numerous patterns carved on it. These dense patterns are connected to form a huge and peculiar pattern, with two curved characters carved on each side. Guardian of the Light! Han Fei actually identified these four characters, which are undoubtedly ancient characters. He tried to put his hands on the door and pushed it hard, but the stone door did not move, and it was obvious that it could not be opened by brute force. This not only let Han Fei some scratch his head, want to open the stone gate must have some knack, and use force to destroy it is certainly not possible, the result is very likely to cause the collapse of the whole maze. Let me try. "At this time, Emperor Yewudi stood out. She gazed at the stone door, stretched out her delicate hand and brushed it gently on the stone veins. There was a strange look in her eyes." This is the array of guardians of light,hot tub spa manufacturers, the legendary skill given by the sun God to the ancient people. "Emperor Yewudi murmured," Even if the sorcerer could find this place, he could not open this stone gate unless he had the power of light. ". The power of light? If a service magician has the power of light, it is a strange story. Fu Fei can imagine that the service magician has gone through all kinds of hardships to break the ban and come here, only to find that there is a door in front of him that he can't open at all. The expression on his face must be very wonderful. Emperor Yewudi put away the staff in his hand, and she summoned the Book of Light,outdoor endless pool, and the jade was immediately covered by a layer of holy light. Deep in the core of the ruins of the Demon Source, Emperor Yewudi finally revealed his original power. She pressed the Book of Light with one hand and the other hand on the stone gate. The vast holy power of light gushed out from her palm and covered the whole stone gate in an instant. A trace of the power of light filled every stone vein. This huge array of light guardians suddenly burst into dazzling light, completely enveloping Emperor Yewudi. Because the light was too harsh, Han Fei narrowed his eyes slightly, but when he got used to it, he was surprised to find that Emperor Wu had disappeared without a trace under his own eyes! There are more chapters about Lu Xiaoba, which are supported. Chapter 522 waiting. It's a ghost! Han Fei subconsciously thought that he was just not dazzled. But the light of Juqing Tusigang was immediately annihilated and restored to its original state, and Emperor Yewudi was indeed gone! Confirmed this. After the fact, Han Fei instead calmed down, the disappearance of the night emperor with the light on the stone gate in front of the guardian array absolutely can not be separated from the relationship, it is very likely that she has passed the last barrier into the treasure house, jacuzzi bath spa ,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, but left himself outside. Thinking of this, Han Fei was relieved. He believed that there would be no danger with the strength of Emperor Yewu. He also believed that she could go in and come out. All he needed was to wait patiently. Ah, master! Where is my great master? The little devil screamed with some panic, "Doesn't she want to be a nun?" Han Fei patted his little head angrily and said, "What are you calling for? Your master just entered this treasure house and will come out soon. Wait here!"! Is your soul link with her still there? As a demon pet, the little devil will always keep in touch with her spirit unless Emperor Yewudi forcibly cancels the contract or dies. Hearing Han Fei's words, the little guy calmed down: "Yes!"! Whoo, I know the great master won't lose the little nugget. Han Fei couldn't help shaking his head. He took out a blanket from the ring and sat down on the ground. By the way, he took out the dry food and drinks. He didn't know how long Emperor Wu would stay inside. He had to find something to pass the time. Facts have proved that Fu Fei's judgment was wrong, because the night Emperor Wu did not come out quickly, time passed several hours, the stone gate is still no movement, of course, there is no news of the night Emperor Wu. How did this happen? Han Fei heart can not help but produce a trace of doubt, even if it is a real treasure house, a few hours of time is enough for her to scrape the booty, you know, in the hands of the night emperor but there are two rings. Is something wrong? Han Fei was faintly worried, but he was blocked by the stone gate, and it was useless to worry about it. After thinking about it, he said to the little devil, "Lulu, something may have happened to your master. It seems that he won't come out right away. You can wait here with me." There was no objection from the little man. He nodded pitifully. He flew around in front of the stone gate, looking very unwilling. Han Fei smiled and summoned Woking from the wristband of the spirit beast. Probably in the spirit beast space to stay a little stuffy, Qingjin came out to roll on the ground first, and then to Han Fei's side to act like a spoiled child. "Han Fei smiled and touched his big shrugged head and said," Woking. I need to practice here for a period of time, you stay by the side, if there is any situation to remind me first! Tie gold obediently nodded, it has always been the most loyal partner of Han Fei, life and death together. With it, accompany the little devil to guard together. Fu Fei was completely relieved. He sat cross-legged on the carpet and slowly closed his eyes. He concentrated on Xuangong. The world around him disappeared in his perception in an instant. At the time of absorbing and inheriting Lingjing, his Xuanmen formula of life and death was unexpectedly promoted to the intermediate realm of the sixth heaven, and these days he has been guarding the labyrinth to break the ban, just taking advantage of the waiting time to consolidate the realm. With the operation of the Xuangong mental method,indoor endless pool, the innate True Qi accumulated in the Qi Sea and the Dantian is stimulated little by little. The True Qi like gold fluid flows into the eight extra meridians through the twelve meridians, and finally reaches the acupoints and orifices of the whole body to complete a week. In this way, an internal circulation is formed in the body.

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There was only a glimmer of cold light. By Chu Tianming one after another to expose their own do those ugly things, Qingyun's face changed again and again, and finally issued a weak sigh. An act of God! It's God's will. Hanging his head, Qingyun is like a defeated rooster, suddenly lost all the fighting spirit, at this time he,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, even if Chu Tianming does not kill him. He will not have any achievements in the future. We had nothing to do with each other, but unfortunately, you made the wrong choice!