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After the middle-aged man in blue played dozens of chess pieces, he did not play again, but stared at the game on the chessboard. A trance. It turned out to be a game of incomplete chess, he did not know where to look, so the previous dozens of chess, played very quickly, that is a cloth. A "precious dragon", until the key to crack, he will not go down all of a sudden, just staring at the chessboard in a daze, after half. After a while, he reached out and grabbed a white and put it down, but as soon as he put it down, he shook his head and picked it up again. At this time, four or five more people came up on the mountain path, and one of them, carrying a vermilion medicine chest, was a down-and-out herbalist named Su Laoyi. These people saw the blue-robed middle-aged man on the stone steps with a chessboard, a person playing chess, can not help but stop, around to watch. As long as you know how to play chess and watch beside the chess, there is no one who does not speak, so there is a saying called "a true gentleman who does not speak beside the chess". This kind of "true gentleman" can be said to be almost non-existent in the world. Of the four or five people,touch screen whiteboard, some pointed out which one should be planted, while others said that this one should be planted. The blue-robed middle-aged man raised his head and said with a smile, "I've thought of what you've thought of, but I can't walk through it." He picked up the white seed and laid a seed according to what the man had said before, and then picked up the black seed and laid a seed, and it was wrong. Then he picked up the seed. Then, as another man said, he took two pills,smart board interactive whiteboard, but they were still wrong, so he took them up again. The down-and-out herbalist took a glance at the mountain road from the corner of his eyes. As if he couldn't help it, he crouched down and said, "I'll try." He used the medicine chest as a stool, and when he sat down, he reached out and put down a white seed. Blue-robed middle-aged man then picked up a sunspot and put it down, Su rags picked up a white one and put it down, and the blue-robed middle-aged man went down again. A sunspot, two people even under four or five pieces. Su rags with a white in his hand, but hesitated not to go down. Then another man came walking slowly down the hill. He was a tall man, dressed in a purple satin robe, with gray hair and a handful of flowers. With a long white beard, a ruddy face, bright eyes, and a purple rattan stick in his hand, he saw several people around the chessboard. I couldn't help but stop and watch. Su ragged clothes thought for a long time, smart interactive whiteboard ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, only under a son, blue robe middle-aged man followed by a sunspot. Sue thought for a long time, then scratched her head and said, "It seems wrong again!" Put a white piece on the chessboard. Shangguanping had just laid down a chess manual here by a middle-aged man in a blue robe, and then Su's rags came and he was playing. The old man in purple robe sucked the chess with his staff, cracked the chess game, and probably said it again. "He's already cracked the chess game," said the old woman. "Why should he chase him down angrily?" "I don't know why,smart board touch screen," said Shangguanping? Maybe he thought there was a better way to get off than that. "No." The old woman shook her head slightly. "He didn't come here in a rage to think of something wonderful." "Why is that?" Asked Shangguanping. The old woman said thoughtfully, "He asked the chess player where he was going, and then he asked you where Su Laoyi was going. It was obvious that he had something urgent to do.".

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