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PERC Poly Solar Panel suppliers MECC Co., Ltd takes "energy is filled with technology and the world is beautiful because of environmental protection" as its corporate mission.Focusing on the new energy industry for 15+ years, it is committed to providing first-class solutions and services for global new energy applications.In order to reduce human dependence on fossil energy, alleviate the energy crisis, and realize the common vision of global sustainable development! MECC has become a world well-known brand锛宻uccessfully developed and manufactured powerwall 锛孡i-Ion Battery Pack ,solar energy system Residential Energy Storage System .Since then, MECC's products have supported renewable energy enthusiasts and production facilities around the world, now covering more than 140 countries, establishing itself as an unshakable leader in the solar energy systems industry. Our History Based on the changing demand of customers in the market, we have accumulated a lot of experience. We have a high-conversion home energy storage scheme, with our solar energy system scheme, users can get efficient clean energy with very low price and nanny-type service. We have a professional team of power engineers to design your own solution for you. We have an experienced team of after-sales engineers, To protect your use, our solar panels use 25 years, inverter use 10 years, energy wall use 8 years. Of course our service to you will be for a lifetime. In addition to leveraging these capabilities to create new products and develop new features, we are also looking forward to a new phase by focusing on developing new technologies to support the next generation. Responding to customer voice with high quality and maximum value that only MECC can expect and achieve always. Our Factory The company's factory is located in Hangzhou, China. The two divisions of lithium battery power supply and solar battery storage system have more than 180 employees and more than 20 R&D personnel. The plant area is about 5,000 square meters, and the designed daily power battery is 50,000 ampere-hours. The company has passed the international ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, and its products have passed CE, UL, UN38.3, and a number of certifications, and Ping An of China underwrites global product liability insurance. Our Product Solar system, PowerWall, Solar Inverter, Solar Panels, Solar Controller, Lifepo4 battery(LFP), Lithium battery, Storage Battery, Solar Cells Power battery pack, portable power station, Residential Solution Product Application Home/Factory/Store/Outdoor Can be used in Home/Factory/Store/Outdoor scenarios Solar Power at any time. Power is available at any time of the day, regardless of the time of day. ENJOY PEACE OF MIND Protect your home in an outage, powering essential appliances and electronics REDUCE PEAK-TIME CHARGES When you use Power wall batteries, you can reduce your electricity bill with the power that solar products consume on a daily basis. BACKUP ESSENTIALS When the power goes out, MECC power storage can provide a seamless backup to power your essential MANAGE WITH EASE Customize settings and monitor solar, storage and home energy usage in real-time Production Equipment Charge & Discharge Tester/Two-dimensional imager/Electrical performance tester/Safety performance tester/High and low temperature performance tester Production Market North America/Eastern Europe/Southeast Asia/Eastern Asia/Domestic Market/South America/Oceania/Mid East/Western Europe/Northern Europe/Southern Europe Our Service We have a strong team of pre-sales engineers to help users with product selection, and design solutions for users according to their usage scenarios and electricity consumption needs. After the user receives the goods, there are after-sales engineers to guide the installation and remote video assistance to help users use clean energy better and faster.PERC Poly Solar Panel suppliers website:

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Rare Earth factory Scandium Sulfate銆銆 Molecular formula: Sc2(SO4)3路6H2O銆銆 CAS: 13465-61-7銆銆 Physical properties: White tasteless crystal銆銆 Appearance: white tasteless crystal, stable under normal temperature and pressure Uses: used for various semiconductor devices, alloy manufacturing, special glass containing scandium, etc Packaging: woven bag packaging 25, 50 / kg, 1000 kg / ton package, cardboard barrel packaging 25, 50 kg / barrel. Index (%) TREO:鈮?4.35%Sc2O3/TREO:鈮?9.99% RE Impurities Content(%)Non-RE Impurities Content(Max %) CeO2: < 0.001 La2O3 : < 0.001 Pr6O11: < 0.001 Nd2O3 : < 0.0005 Sm2O3: < 0.0005Fe2O3: 0.0008 CL-: 0.005 SiO2: 0.001 CaO: 0.003 PbO: 0.001 Note: We can provide customized products and packaging according to customers' special requirements.銆銆Rare Earth factory website: