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17 janv. 2023 à 1h48   Autre   Bni Bouayach   32 vues
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Pharmaceutical Intermediates manufacturers What is benfotiamine powder? Benfotiamine powder is an organic compound with molecular formula C19H23N4O6PS, molecular weight 466.45, chemical name: benzoic acid-sulfur-2-[[(4-amino-2-methyl-5-pyrimidinyl)methyl]methanol Amino]-1-[2-(phosphoryloxyethyl)-1-propenyl]ester, the appearance is white powder. Solubility: insoluble in water and methanol, insoluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether and chloroform. Soluble in sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, slightly soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid solution. Thiamine鈮?.1%, heavy metal鈮?0ppm, moisture鈮?.0%, melting point 200鈩?聽聽 Benfotiamine powder is a fat-soluble vitamin B1 derivative. In addition to its physical and chemical properties, it is different from water-soluble vitamin B1. The difference in structure is that it has an open thiazole ring, which forms a physiologically active thiazole ring in the body through ring closure. Vitamin B1. After ingestion of benfotiamine, the maximum plasma concentration of vitamin B1 is about 5 times higher than that of ingested vitamin B1, the maximum bioavailability is about 3.6 times that of ingested vitamin B1, and is higher than that of other fat-soluble vitamin B1 derivatives . Human and animal studies have demonstrated greater bioavailability and bioactivity of benfotiamine compared to water-soluble forms of the vitamin. Benfotiamine produces higher peak and total concentrations of vitamin B1 and its phosphate in plasma, whole blood, red blood cells, and tissues and a longer plasma half-life than vitamin B1. The increase in relative bioavailability in muscle tissue (5 times) and brain (25 times) is more significant, and in other tissues such as liver and kidney, there is also an increase of 10-40%. What is 99% benfotiamine bulk powder used for?聽聽 Benfotiamine powder is a fat-soluble derivative of vitamin B1, which improves the shortcoming of low bioavailability of water-soluble vitamin B1, increases the concentration of thiamine in blood and tissues, and thus improves the curative effect. 1. It is used for the prevention of vitamin B1 deficiency. 2. It is used for supplementation when the demand for vitamin B1 is increased and the intake from food is insufficient (fatigue, pregnancy, lactation, strenuous physical labor, etc.). 3. It is used to relieve athlete's foot.聽 4. Presumably symptoms related to vitamin B1 deficiency and metabolic disorders, such as: neuralgia; muscle pain, joint pain; myocardial metabolic disorders; constipation and other gastrointestinal motility disorders.Pharmaceutical Intermediates manufacturers website:

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