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Portable DR for sale Portable Digital X Ray Model聽Number:聽MX-DR050B12 MeCan Medical is the professional manufacturer for portable xray machine, our 5KW portable digital x ray equipment is much better than 100 ma portable x ray machine in images, and much lighter, the big touch screen easy to operate the machine, it is very superior in聽portablexray machine, and we have 5.6kw portable xrays machine, 5.6kw battery powered x ray machine, 32kw mobile x ray machine, 50kw digital x ray machine and many other kinds of medical x-ray machine and pet x-ray machine. Features聽of our Portable Digital X Ray聽Machine锛?/strong> 1) Simple & light structure; 2) LCD digital display; 3) Anatomical memories for selection program; 4) Double-loop (analog & digital) high precision control mode; 5) High precision control in tube voltage & current; 6) Self-protection & auto-diagnosis available when malfunction occurs; 7)Light weight, portable medical x ray machine. Specification聽of Portable Digital X Ray聽Machine: Power5kw Power SupplySingle-phase 220V 50/60Hz (wire diameter>4mm2,internal resistance<0.5惟) Working Frequency30kHz mA32-100mA mAs0.32-315mAs KV40-110kv Exposure time0.01-6.3s Tube focus1.8*1.8mm Anode heat capacity42kHU Flat Panel Detector Image size17*17 inch (14*17 for聽(option) Pixels Matrix140渭m A/D Conversion16bits Spatial Resolution3.6 Lp/mm SoftwareProfessional Software ComputerR5-5500U/8G/512G Flat Panel Detector ParameterMX-FPD3543HMX-FPD3543WLMX-FPD4343HMX-FPD4343WL Typea-Si+ Csl Image size35*43cm35*43cm43*43cm43*43cm 14*17 inch14*17 inch17*17 inch17*17 inch Pixel pitch(碌m)140 Pixels Matrix2560*30722560*30723072*30723072*3072 A/D(bit)16bit spatial resolution3.6 LP/mm3.6 LP/mm3.6 LP/mm3.6 LP/mm Weight3.0kg3.0kg3.7kg4.5kg Dimensions (cm)38.3*46*1.538.3*46*1.546*46*1.546*46*1.5 Water tightnessIP54IP54IP54IP54 Battery stand byNo7HNo7H wirelessNoyesNoyes Test image of our聽DR Portable X Ray Machine Touch screen for 5KW Portable X Ray Unit Size聽of our Portable Digital X Ray聽Machine FAQ:聽 1. Why Choose聽 MeCan Medical? 聽MeCan Medical聽 have a young international team with many years鈥?experience cooperate with more than 2000 hospitals in medical equipment. 聽MeCan Medical聽 focus on design and supply innovation ,suitable and competitive medical x ray products. 2. Guangzhou MeCan Medical accept OEM/ODM order?聽 Surely MeCan Medical accept OEM/ODM orders based on bulk quantity,what鈥檚 more聽 MeCan Medical own brand 鈥渕ecanmedical鈥?itself,who has wholesale services all over the world 3. Where we can get products information from?聽 You can go through our website links as below: Also you can contact our international marketing team.Portable DR for sale website:

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Rare Earth factory Scandium Sulfate銆銆 Molecular formula: Sc2(SO4)3路6H2O銆銆 CAS: 13465-61-7銆銆 Physical properties: White tasteless crystal銆銆 Appearance: white tasteless crystal, stable under normal temperature and pressure Uses: used for various semiconductor devices, alloy manufacturing, special glass containing scandium, etc Packaging: woven bag packaging 25, 50 / kg, 1000 kg / ton package, cardboard barrel packaging 25, 50 kg / barrel. Index (%) TREO:鈮?4.35%Sc2O3/TREO:鈮?9.99% RE Impurities Content(%)Non-RE Impurities Content(Max %) CeO2: < 0.001 La2O3 : < 0.001 Pr6O11: < 0.001 Nd2O3 : < 0.0005 Sm2O3: < 0.0005Fe2O3: 0.0008 CL-: 0.005 SiO2: 0.001 CaO: 0.003 PbO: 0.001 Note: We can provide customized products and packaging according to customers' special requirements.銆銆Rare Earth factory website: