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Radial Insert Ball Bearings company 鈼?Introduction Radial insert ball bearings SA series consists of inner ring, outer ring, steel ball, cage, sealing ring and eccentric sleeve, codenamed SA200 series. The bearing performance is similar to the UC bearings. The outer diameter surface of the outer ring is spherical, which is used to bear the combined radial and axial loads mainly based on radial loads. Generally, it is not suitable to bear the axial load alone. The SA bearing has an eccentric sleeve, which is mainly used in occasions with relatively large vibration. The eccentric sleeve can reduce the vibration. Both sides of the bearing are combined with heat-resistant, oil-proof rubber sealing ring and steel plate dust cover. The dust cover is assembled on the outer diameter of the inner ring of the bearing and rotates together with the inner ring, which can effectively prevent external foreign matter from entering the inside of the bearing. It can resist external pressure to protect the radial insert ball bearings SA series, and at the same time, it can prevent the grease inside the bearing from leaking out. So that the bearing can maintain excellent working performance in harsh working environment. SA bearings are mainly used in agricultural machinery fields such as harvesters, straw returning machines, and threshers. 鈼?Bearing Series The types of the bearings include SA200 series, SB200 series and UE200 series. 鈼?Production Details 鈼?Production process of hot forged bearing rings It mainly includes three steps: heating, blanking and forging. Forging forming is the central link of ferrule forging production, and there are many forms. Three types of processes are widely used in my country: hammer forging, flat forging and press forging. After the press is forged, it is rolled and formed by a reaming machine to improve the quality, precision and productivity of the forgings. Sometimes, in order to further improve the dimensional and geometric accuracy of forgings and create conditions for the automation of subsequent processes, it is necessary to add a finishing (or shaping) process. After forging, an inspection process is required, and finally an annealing process is required for machining. The equipment layout generally consists of a heating furnace, a press (or a hammer, or a flat forging machine) and a reaming machine for operation. The blanks are conveyed between machines with conveyor belts or slide in iron troughs. Most of the blanking is carried out separately, and secondary heating is required at this time. 鈼?Bearing pickling inspection The macro inspection of pickling can quickly reflect the quality of the workpiece in a wide range. Bearing parts are often subjected to cold pickling to check for surface defects such as burns, decarburization, carbon depletion, troostite soft spots and cracks, usually by random inspection. The workpiece should be cleaned before pickling, and visually inspected immediately after pickling. The normal surface is uniform dark gray, and the troostite soft spots are cloud-like dark black spots. The perimeter is not obvious and the severe decarburization is bright white, the carbon depletion is light gray or dark black plaques, the quenching cracks are fine, the burns show dark black (sometimes bright white corners in the middle) plaques along the machining direction of the grinding wheel, lines or continuous line. 鈼?Demagnetization of the Bearing Ring In the grinding process of bearings, a large number of magnetic fixtures are used (such as the magnetic chuck of the surface grinder and the electromagnetic centerless fixture for grinding the inner and outer surfaces). The reorientation of the torque, the residual magnetism of the tooling die, the surge current and the DC current in the power grid make the shaft ring magnetic, which increases the rotational resistance torque of the finished bearing, and can suck the magnetically conductive impurities into the bearing, thereby Increase the vibration and noise of the bearing and reduce the life of the bearing, so the demagnetization process must be added in the grinding of the ring. 鈼?Advantages Founded in 2009, Shaanxi Gainhui Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. covers an area of 16,000 square meters, which is a professional bearing manufacturer and distributor in China. The company is committed to the design, manufacture and service of precision bearings, focusing on providing customers with reliable bearing products and cost-effective technical solutions. 鈼?Quick email response within 1 to 6 hours. 鈼?Provide free samples and technical drawings. 鈼?Complete quality control system and after-sales service. 鈼?Accept clients鈥?customized bearings and provide OEM service. 鈼?With good quality and competitive price, bearings are exported to more than 35 countries. 鈼?About Us Shaanxi Gainhui Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. is a professional bearing manufacturer and and distributor in china. Equipped with a professional large factory, we can supply competitive bearing products and OEM service to worldwide customers. With high quality, competitive price and great after-sale service of radial insert ball bearings SA series, welcome to contact us in time. Because we are focused, we are professional. 鈼?Packing Methods Tube PackageSingle Box PackagePallet Package 鈼?Delivery Methods By ExpressBy SeaBy Air 鈼?Technical Parameters Bearing designationDimensions (mm)MassBasic dynamic load ratingBasic static load ratingLimiting speedEccentric Bushing NO. dDBB1CSD1B2GrdsmCrCornG min. 鈮坘gKNKNmin鈥? SA20112401928.6136.528.613.54.80.6M6x10.147.364.484500E201 SA20215401928.6136.528.613.54.80.6M6x10.137.364.484500E202 SA20317401928.6136.528.613.54.80.6M6x10.1217.364.484500E203 SA204204721.531147.533.313.54.81M6x10.149.886.24000E204 SA205255221.531157.538.113.54.81M6x10.1810.786.983400E205 SA206306223.835.716944.515.961M6x10.3114.9710.042800E206 SA207357225.438.9179.555.617.56.81.1M8x10.5119.7513.672400E207 SA208408030.243.7181160.318.36.81.1M8x10.6422.7115.942200E208 SA209458530.243.7191163.518.36.81.1M8x10.6822.3617.711900E209 SA210509030.243.7201169.918.3.71.1M10x10.7726.9819.841800E210 SA2115510032.548.4241276.220.771.5M10x10.8333.3725.111600E211 SA2126011037.253.12413.584.222.381.5M10x11.436.7427.971500E212 For more data, please click the download button at the top of this page to download the catalogue.Radial Insert Ball Bearings company website:

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