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"Oh, Lin Zhixiao," the doctor paused, "go and buy a pair of gloves for your father. You can't touch metal or anything cold during chemotherapy." Then turn around and walk back to the office. I saw him mutter in a low voice, "a boy's name …" I am reviewing the dividing line. Doctor: Hahahahaha.. Why do you have nothing but a giggle? Doctor: No, I just thought it was silly at that time. This article was downloaded by Talon Fiction Reader. Smile and be grateful. Report back to top . Zelongchen Send SMS Add as friend zelongchen Current online reading permission 80 Topic 1725 UID8622777 Posts 56707 Points 59066. Cherub Little angel, the integral is 59066, and it needs 20934 points from the next level. 91UID372697 Essence 0 Posts 56707 Wealth 427650 Points 59066 Online time 2446 hours Registration time 2011-5-10 Last login 2013-11-24. 6# Posted on November 14, 2013 at 17:30 | Only see this author | Latest posts | View all posts of the author | Send short messages | Add as friends | Transfer money to TA 11. Doubts April 9, 2009 A new group of interns and nurses came to the ward, and there were a large number of people in the corridor, which was very cool. My heart beat a little faster when I heard the sound of the doctor's group rounds next door. When the director opened the door, I looked down unconsciously. The ward was blocked by nearly twenty people, and the air was a little thin. The director and teacher Lin shook their hands together, which made me dizzy and moved my eyes to the side. Dr. Gu held the medical record folder in his hands and hung it in front of him, quietly drooping his eyelashes, with a faint smile on his face. This expression reminded me of hearing my grandmother talk about Mahakasyapa's flower-picking smile when I was a child. It seemed transparent, but I couldn't see through it. Later,large ficus tree, the doctor recalled: "I haven't seen you for 20 days, but my heart was still peaceful. When I saw you again, I found how happy I was." At half past eight, the head nurse came to give Miss Lin a needle, followed by a new face, small stature, smiling eyes curved,artificial coconut palm trees, with two very sweet dimples. When the head nurse pricked the needle, she squatted on the ground, dragged her cheeks like a small mushroom, and looked up without blinking. An hour later, the little mushroom came to change the water for Teacher Lin. Watching her write on the record of changing water one stroke at a time, Teacher Lin couldn't help asking, "How old are you, my child?"? Where are you from? "People from K City.". I'm 21! Not a child! Mother: "So coincidentally, my mother is also K people." For the next ten minutes, Mr. Lin and I gawked at my mother and the little girl chatting enthusiastically in Wu Nong's soft language. There are so few people from K city here that I met a fellow villager here! The little girl was so excited that she danced and wanted to give her mother a hug. On the way, she found that it was not suitable, and then she plunged into my arms. There is such a thing as a beautiful woman throwing herself into her arms. It was the only sentence in my mind at that time. When I went to lunch at noon, I met Dr. Gu who came back from the outpatient clinic. Just as I was about to say hello, silk olive tree ,fake ficus tree, a man came out of the nurse's station. Teacher Gu! Is the big question of emergency medicine at the end of the term cardiopulmonary resuscitation or electrical cardioversion? I watched the little mushroom anxiously circling around Dr. Gu, and suddenly saw me, "Ah, fellow-townsman sister!" Then ignore directly: "Review how?" "I can't say, it feels bottomless and bottomless." "This is a good state, despising the enemy strategically and attaching importance to the enemy tactically." "I want to study medicine." Little Dumbo was silent and scratched his nose. I looked at the slightly cramped boy in front of me and nodded. "Good idea."

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