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Behind it was an artificially raised and lowered road, with all kinds of vehicles placed in all directions, including donkey carts and handcarts, which were obviously collected from nearby villages. These weapons, which could not be called weapons, had the effect of obstructing the cavalry and covering the officers and soldiers. Although Jiangnan less cavalry, but these officers and soldiers with a spear and a single knife use the advantage of the terrain to offset their horse advantage, and then move from the strong family soldiers seven people beheading group combat mode, long and short weapons, someone is responsible for attack, someone is responsible for keeping, someone responsible for stabbing the head, someone responsible for cutting the horse's legs, so that riding on a horse to attend to The impatient bandits simply jumped off their horses and strangled the officers and men. The white army continued to join the battle group, and Li Shoubei and Wandusi gradually lost control of the battlefield situation. At this time, Huo Baihu, who was responsible for guarding Dongping Town, Li Qianhu of Tongshan Town, and He Xiancheng of Qiqiao Village led the officers and soldiers to wave flags and kill them again. Although there were not many officers and soldiers, the three-way encirclement immediately increased the psychological pressure on the White Army, and they began to have the intention to retreat. Although they had always been invincible, they did not have many opportunities to fight tough battles with the officers and soldiers. However, now the officers and soldiers seemed to be crazy and became as fearless of death as they were, and they lost the advantage of horses. Courage is not born out of thin air. The arrival of reinforcements has boosted the prestige of the declining defenders, but the army in white is depressed. Every step forward, the distance from the city of Nanjing is closer, but the rest of the road every step further to use blood to spread, is such a short distance like a natural moat? Yang Hu was indignant,smart boards for conference rooms, but he was also worried that more and more officers and soldiers would come to help after hearing the news. Their advantage was that they were fast, but they were not attacking the enemy. Why should they attack the enemy with a short attack? Yang Hu began to sound the Gong to retreat and decided to make a detour to Nanjing. The army began to move eastward, just killed Li Qianhu, Huo Baihu greedy, in hot pursuit, Yang Hu fire, return and fight, lost the car camp and the rugged ground advantage, and too late to protect themselves, the officers and soldiers are no match for the cavalry,75 smart board, immediately killed to pieces, scattered with a bang, Yang Hu also don't continue to fight, immediately dial the horse again. When he led to MaoShan town, I saw a river blocking the road, a bridge on the river, the vanguard horse just rushed past more than two hundred horses, with a loud bang, a group of fire and smoke rose under the bridge, the bridge was connected to dozens of white soldiers who rushed to the bridge and blew up to the sky. Ten thousand arrows in the reeds on the other side of the river, and then kill countless people, look at the dress, most of them are people strong Ding Yong, surrounded by the hundred riding white army, only with a crossbow long shot, a moment of kung fu left on the battlefield alone more than a hundred horses. I saw a civil official surrounded by the inspector of the Yamen and Minzhuang walking to the side of the bridge. The civil official was black and strong. Holding his stomach in his hands, he burst out laughing and shouted, "This officer, the inspector of Maoshan, interactive panel board ,interactive flat panel display, is here.". The anti-thief in white, the situation is gone. Why don't you go down without a fight?  The roadside was full of thorns, and it was difficult for horses to go up the mountain. At present,electronic board for classroom, it was the fastest way to attack the flank of the officers and men by bypassing the puddle several miles long from the left wing. The two generals were ordered to leave immediately. Yang Hu commanded the army in white to shoot with the officers and soldiers to cover the attack of Yi Chenfeng. However, he did not know that the fireworks on Shiling were the contact signals agreed by the officers and soldiers. The periphery of Nanjing had been set up everywhere. No matter which way he attacked, the places suitable for encirclement were equipped with fireworks signals to facilitate contact nearby.

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