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Rice Flavor Fried rice flavor, Parched rice essence, puffed rice essence, millet stir-fried in butter flavor. Fried rice is a kind of rice granule that is made of millet after being fried and then ground to remove its shell. Fried rice tastes delicious and is easy to eat. Fried rice flavor can be used to make cakes, fried rice, pot, puffed food and other food. It has a strong aroma of fried rice, and the special aroma of roasted rice has a strong rhyme. The fragrant fried rice has a strong fragrance, overflowing with rice fragrance, and the aroma is pungent. Fragrant rice flavor, full sense of rice grains, accompanied by strong aromatic rice flavor, with a long aftertaste. The fragrant fried rice flavor, soft and unique fragrance, contains the aroma of baked fried rice. Among all kinds of foods that people come into contact with, some foods themselves are not fragrant, and some foods have weak fragrance, which makes people lack certain enjoyment and fun in the process of eating. In addition, the fragrance of some foods is not stable enough, and will fade or even disappear with the passage of time. At this time, flavor is particularly important.Rice Flavor website:

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Rare Earth factory Scandium Sulfate銆銆 Molecular formula: Sc2(SO4)3路6H2O銆銆 CAS: 13465-61-7銆銆 Physical properties: White tasteless crystal銆銆 Appearance: white tasteless crystal, stable under normal temperature and pressure Uses: used for various semiconductor devices, alloy manufacturing, special glass containing scandium, etc Packaging: woven bag packaging 25, 50 / kg, 1000 kg / ton package, cardboard barrel packaging 25, 50 kg / barrel. Index (%) TREO:鈮?4.35%Sc2O3/TREO:鈮?9.99% RE Impurities Content(%)Non-RE Impurities Content(Max %) CeO2: < 0.001 La2O3 : < 0.001 Pr6O11: < 0.001 Nd2O3 : < 0.0005 Sm2O3: < 0.0005Fe2O3: 0.0008 CL-: 0.005 SiO2: 0.001 CaO: 0.003 PbO: 0.001 Note: We can provide customized products and packaging according to customers' special requirements.銆銆Rare Earth factory website: