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After getting used to it, there will be no pain, just like the heart has been cut too many knives, used to injury, it will not feel pain. Ling Xing.. Can I forget you? That man, what he wants to conquer, is my heart. Someone died for him, but he was not moved, and his eyes were only eager to live. Knowing that he has no heart, I am willing to deliver my own. Heart. Ling Xing, what should I do. Qingyue picked up her sad face and sent someone to ask the King of Northern Qi if she could go to the Qin Workshop to repair the Qin. The bearer reported that Wang Ye had gone to the palace to discuss the matter. Before he left, he told Qingyue Childe that if he wanted to leave the palace, he could not stop him, but he had to come back before dinner. Clear moon desolate smile, into the palace? With a sharp pain in his chest, he walked slowly out of the palace. The streets of the capital are still bustling, Qingyue mind suddenly emerged an idea: the so-called prosperity, but a dream … … Qin Square is at the end of the West City, near the corner of the city wall, because the owner of the square likes quiet but not noisy. When I stepped into the courtyard, I heard a noise coming from the front hall. Old man Qin,american hot tub, don't be shameless. You've given enough money, but you won't make a harp. You think my son is generous and easy to bully. "Xiao Ke, forget it, he doesn't want us to go back." Qin is the surname of the owner of the workshop. Coincidentally, these two people are also known by Qingyue. Xiao Ke is the servant of Qunfang Pavilion, and the other is Zhu yuan, the master of Xiao Ke. Zhu yuan has been in Jufang Pavilion for a long time, but he has never been on the top of the list. Qingyue also regrets for him. In terms of piano skills and learning,jacuzzi manufacturers, Zhu yuan deserves to be the first. However, people in the world judge people by their appearance. There are not many people who appreciate Zhu yuan, but they are all frequent visitors, so Cui Niang will not be too difficult for Zhu yuan. Seeing Zhu yuan leading Xiao Ke out, Qingyue froze there and did not know whether to say hello or not. Zhu yuan was plain by nature and did not like to deal with people, while Xiao Ke was full of momentum. Embarrassed, the voice of a middle-aged man sounded in the attic of the Qin Workshop: "Childe Qingyue came to the Qin Workshop, but did he come for Canglan?" In a word, Zhu yuan and Xiao Ke turned their eyes to themselves. Qing Yue simply went in and said, "Exactly." Canglan is the name of the guqin. At the beginning, Qingyue saw that Ling Xing liked to listen to the guqin and practiced it day and night. She knew that she could not compare with Zhuyuan, but Ling Xing seemed to prefer her own guqin sound. For some time, Ling Xing took time to go out. Everyone joked that Ling Xing had a lover outside. Qingyue was upset until Ling Xing put "Canglan" in front of Qingyue a few days later. He said that he had been running around these days to find a good harp, and it took him a lot of time to get it. Qingyue was overjoyed. Recalling the past, Qingyue's heart was tight again. She climbed up to the attic and put "Canglan" on the piano table, 5 person hot tub ,endless swim pool, "Mr. Lao." This is not the first time to Qin Fang, "Canglan" is not the first time to break the string, come and go, Qingyue and Qin Fang Lord are also some familiar, so Qingyue did not expect Qin Fang Lord's next sentence was: "That person is no longer there, why do you still repair this Qin?" The scene of Ling Xing's tragic death reappeared, and the overwhelming red permeated the cold of the twelfth lunar month to the whole body. Qingyue's face was pale, cold and sweaty, her eyes were wide open, and there was no popularity in her eyes. Qin Fangzhu stretched out his hand to touch "Canglan" and felt pity for his own flesh and blood. "Childe, please go back. Qin will find another good master for" Canglan "." "No, don't." The white fingers of the clear moon stroked "Canglan", "This is my only thought.." I like the sound of your piano, I also like you, Qingyue. Why? Why? This is my last memory, and I will take it away cruelly? Qin Fangzhu sighed, "this person is not far away, as long as the childe heart miss, he will always be alive, if one day the childe forget that person." He can also be put out of his misery and reincarnated as a human being. Volume II: Qian Kun Finger 22. Forever apart Qingyue couldn't remember how she got out of Qin Fang. Her legs were no longer her own until she put one hand on her shoulder. Qingyue looked back with misty eyes and saw that it was Zhu yuan. Why didn't you hear me when I called you so many times? Qingyue did not speak, just wanted to find an embrace and burst into tears. Without thinking, she threw herself into Zhuyuan's arms and whined constantly. Takabuchi did not refuse him, but let him vent. After a moment, Qingyue pulled away, and there was a distance between them. "You're not happy in the palace," said Zhu yuan. "But you've been thinking about Ling Xing." Qingyue nodded and shook her head. Takabuchi ignored this and continued, "I stopped you because I thought it was better for you to know something." The night Ling Xing died, you cried and fainted. At that time, someone came to Jufang Pavilion to look for Ling Xing. The words stopped here, and Qingyue looked doubtfully at Zhuyuan's calm face. At that time, I happened to pass by the corridor and was knocked down by the man in a threatening manner. Curious, I followed a group of people far behind. I saw the man enter Ling Xing's room and blocked a group of people outside the door. Everyone dispersed, leaving only two servants at the door. I dodged into the adjacent compartment of Ling Xing's room. You know that compartment? Through the small hole in the wall, you can see every move in the room. Zhu yuan swallowed the saliva, "that person has a face like heaven and man, compared with him, this mortal world is really." Like dirt.. However, the expression on his face was so sad that he first sat at the head of the bed holding back tears, called Ling Xing's name several times, and then cried madly and rubbed Ling Xing into his arms. I thought he wanted to be disrespectful to the dead, and his heart was very uneasy, but he just held Ling Xing foolishly, his face close to Ling Xing's face, and said intermittently and clearly in his mouth: 'Good, very good.. You think you're done when you're dead. If you hate me, why do you want to see me. I've been waiting for you for so long, why do we have to be separated forever in less than a day? ' ” Qingyue's mind was blank, and he didn't know when Zhuyuan would leave. Walking aimlessly on both legs. "You really look like him,endless swimming pool, except for these eyes." "What a pair of disappointing eyes." "You've been asleep for more than half an hour." "Qingyue, you go to the west courtyard to rest first, and the king will summon you later." "Afraid?" 'What's The matter? Not to your taste?

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There was only a glimmer of cold light. By Chu Tianming one after another to expose their own do those ugly things, Qingyun's face changed again and again, and finally issued a weak sigh. An act of God! It's God's will. Hanging his head, Qingyun is like a defeated rooster, suddenly lost all the fighting spirit, at this time he,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, even if Chu Tianming does not kill him. He will not have any achievements in the future. We had nothing to do with each other, but unfortunately, you made the wrong choice!