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Rod Straightening Machine factory Yantai Maych Machinery Co., Ltd is committed to manufacturing and trading steel rod straightening machine, which features cost efficiency, stable operation and high precision & productivity. Generally, metal material straightening is to improve material's straightness and surface quality by pressing it with concave and convex rollers. Through this way, long metal material with unevenness or internal stresses are now an issue of the past. This process has been proven and well-recognized by end-users across the world. Offering custom-built machines to suit any requirement and provide straightening solutions for any material composition and size, Maych's steel rod straightening machine provides high standards of straightness, surface finish and controlled surface hardness. Maych straighteners offer an excellent production rate, longer equipment lifespan and improved accuracy without surface blemishes. As for the machine itself, the most important feature of Maych's MCT series steel rod straightening machine is durability, which comes from Maych's determination of quality control via craftmanship, qualified material without any sacrifice of heat treatment. Our detail-focused manufacturing process also contributes to final supreme quality. User friendly operation, stable running and consequent high productivity can help your business grow better, stronger and faster. Our quality&service oriented products help us shake off endless price fight. That said, we strike a sound balance between price and quality. Composed of pinch-in, straightening unit, extracting unit, MCT series steel rod straightening machine can process round black and bright rod of dia ranging from 6m-300mm with the peak speed up to 28 meters per minute. On top of that, it can also be custom-built according to the demands of end-users as well as configuration including electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic components, motor etc. In order to guarantee parts quality, we outsource them from qualified company or produce them ourselves. Everything we do is to ensure the final overall quality of bar straightening machine. The straightening rolls are made of alloyed chrome steel. They are forged from one piece, raw machined, hardened and finished or ground. The bar pass through two rollers can get the straightness and polish efficiency. Moreover, this machine equip the MMI ( touch monitor ) to set the parameter and can have the memory setting for different bar size. The electrical circuit of our machine is well-aligned and tidy and easy to trace, very important for maintenance and an epitome of our craftmanship. We never ever sacrifice standard process including the heat treatment of material and parts. In short time the result of no or unsufficient heat treatment will not emerge. But as time goes by, many problems will come out where many end-users don't know the true issue. Tolerance play a key part in modern industry. We always keep tolerance performance in our mind to improve our quality consistently. Better, stronger and faster, let's join hands in hands to witness a shared prosperous future.Rod Straightening Machine factory website:

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Rare Earth factory Scandium Sulfate銆銆 Molecular formula: Sc2(SO4)3路6H2O銆銆 CAS: 13465-61-7銆銆 Physical properties: White tasteless crystal銆銆 Appearance: white tasteless crystal, stable under normal temperature and pressure Uses: used for various semiconductor devices, alloy manufacturing, special glass containing scandium, etc Packaging: woven bag packaging 25, 50 / kg, 1000 kg / ton package, cardboard barrel packaging 25, 50 kg / barrel. Index (%) TREO:鈮?4.35%Sc2O3/TREO:鈮?9.99% RE Impurities Content(%)Non-RE Impurities Content(Max %) CeO2: < 0.001 La2O3 : < 0.001 Pr6O11: < 0.001 Nd2O3 : < 0.0005 Sm2O3: < 0.0005Fe2O3: 0.0008 CL-: 0.005 SiO2: 0.001 CaO: 0.003 PbO: 0.001 Note: We can provide customized products and packaging according to customers' special requirements.銆銆Rare Earth factory website: