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It is believed that God has never shed a sweat in the past 170 years, but he actually shed a drop of sweat in this icy and cold place. It can be imagined that God had to move the True Qi of the five viscera and six viscera just now when he fought with the sacred stone head-on. Perhaps, his five internal organs were also slightly hurt by the shock of the sacred stone. God gasped a little surprisingly, but still pretended to be calm: "Hey, I can't imagine that the invincible power of the divine stone can really make the God feel pain. The God has not tasted pain for a long time.." Yes! God has not felt pain for a long time, including the pain of killing his daughter. "Unfortunately, Bu Jingyun, your internal force is too far away from this God, even if the stone strengthens you twenty times, it still can't deal with this God." The fact proves that God is invincible in the world; moreover, God has clasped Ah Tie's throat with one hand and said: "Bu Jingyun, you will go back with this God, become one with this God, and enjoy the Lord forever!" As God spoke, he wanted to pull Ah Tie up, but Ah Tie was unable to resist. It was obvious that he was standing up tenaciously with a strong will and did not want to bend his knees in front of God. In fact, he was exhausted. However, at the moment when God picked up the iron,Magnesium Oxide powder, a pair of hands suddenly grabbed God's right leg, the owner of these hands is Xueyuan! Snow edge was already tired and fell to the ground, but she still desperately clung to God's legs and shouted: "No!"! You can't take Tie! I'll fight for my life today, and I won't let Ah Tie fall into your hands. God sneer at, eyes reveal fierce light: "Bitch Yu!"! You have offended the God many times. I wanted to leave you to the mythical beast. It seems that in order to let you rest in peace one by one, the God will personally give you a ride today! As soon as the voice stopped, the God raised his hand lightly and made a gesture to strike the spirit of Xueyuan. Although the God had just fought with Ah Tie,potassium sulphate fertilizer, he was still full of internal force at the moment. This strike was not a joke. It was bound to smash the spirit of Xueyuan! But at the critical moment, God in the hands of a tie suddenly to drum up one breath loud way: Don't kill her! As long as you let them go. "I'll give you this!" God squinted at Ah Tie, and at a glance, he was about to hit Xueyuan Tianling's palm and immediately stopped! Because Ah Tie is now holding a thing, which, like Ah Tie, is what God has been wanting for more than a hundred years. Something very much desired! This thing is.. 02 027 Chapter 26 the last move. "The key to the blood prison?" When God saw what Ah Tie was holding at the moment, his eyes lit up. "Yes, you are indeed a discerning person, and this is exactly what you have dreamed of for more than a hundred years-the key to the blood prison!" But what Ah Tie was holding in his hand was a shining iron spoon. The two ends of the spoon were one gold and one silver. It was a two-headed spoon. It was also the "blood prison spoon" that Meng Hen, a descendant of the Ten Palaces, gave to Ah Tie before he died! At that time, according to Fa Hai's plan, calcium nitrate sol ,Magnesium Oxide price, Yama Mengshan of the Ten Palaces stored the thousand kinds of Qimen gunpowder weapons developed by himself in the blood prison, and installed a mechanism, which could only be opened by the key of the blood prison. Otherwise, if someone forced his way in, the thousand kinds of gunpowder weapons in the blood prison and the ten thousand stones of gunpowder buried under the blood prison would explode immediately. At this time, not only the blood prison will disappear, but also most of the glacier areas in the Tenth Hall and Hailuogou will be torched, all people and things. Both the jade and the stone are destroyed! God looked at Ah Tie, his pupils contracting more and more, just like a tiger looking at the prey in his mouth: "Bu Jingyun, I am very high and you can exchange the key of the blood prison for their lives, but the key of the blood prison is so important, is your deal sincere?" Tie sneer at: "Human life is at stake. Do you think Xueyuan and others are not important to me?" "Of course God knows how important they are to you, but have you ever thought that if you take out the key of the blood prison so easily in front of me, God can grab it without any effort?" A Tie answers: "It's no use for you to get it. It's a two-headed spoon. Only one end can really open the blood prison. The other end will only detonate the stone powder. Now only I know that the other end is the key to open the blood prison.." Yes! Only Ah Tie knew, because he had seen Fa Hai's game, and he had personally torn up the game written by Fa Hai! Fahai's move is the best of the best! Nie Feng and Xue yuan were present. When the Goddess Mother and even Fa Zhi heard this, they all exclaimed from their hearts that Fa Hai was really a benevolent person with great wisdom, and that Fa Zhi was even more like throwing away his thoughts.. But God listened but a face of livid, response: "Hey hey, in that case, how can this God believe that you will tell me which side is the real trick?"? Perhaps as God had expected, Fahai already had a complete plan to destroy God, and the first step of this plan. Do you want me to go to the blood prison, detonate the ten thousand stones of gunpowder, and perish with me? Ah! What a brilliant God! He even guessed Fahai's precise mind! No wonder just now Fa Zhi asked God where Ah Tie and others had fled. God was full of confidence, but it turned out that Fa Hai's Bureau could not escape God's eyes! He had already guessed that Fahai wanted to lure him to the blood prison with Ah Tie! Tie Wen Yan slightly moved, God looked at his face, seems to have seen the clue behind the truth, he smiled: "Sure enough, this God from your expression, has been able to see that you are in accordance with the law of the sea Bureau, want to lure me to the blood prison to perish together, step Jingyun!"! This God really admires you more and more, you are really great, ha ha. Tie frowned and asked: "Now that you think you've figured out my mind and Fahai's situation, is our deal over?" God smiled and shook his head: "Not necessarily!"! Because this God has come up with a way to make you open the blood prison for this God and guarantee that you will detonate the blood prison? "What method?" God mouth light warped, suddenly eyes to the snow margin, Nie Feng, God mother a horizontal, one side loud way: "That's the way!" Red is originally a color that makes people feel happy,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, but at this moment, the red in front of us makes people feel extremely heavy. Surrounded by a blood-red, red like a burning fire of a nose hell. Too red to melt!.

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Xia Yunsheng's attitude towards him became cold, on the contrary, he felt a kind of guilt towards his daughter. For the first time, he seemed to find that he owed a lot to Weilan,fine bubble diffuser, a girl who had always lacked warmth and love. She is so weak that she needs someone to protect her. That summer vacation, Xia Yunsheng specially asked for leave to accompany his daughter to travel to the seaside. Because there is a "blue" in the name, Weilan has been yearning for the sea since childhood.