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Chen Gongzi was very familiar with Yingjun's base camp. He didn't see almost anyone along the way. He chose a quiet place to walk until he entered a cross-courtyard. Then he moved his hand away. Because I was covered by him, the black veil was tightly pressed against my face, and I couldn't breathe well. As soon as he let go, I immediately gasped for breath. Mr. Chen carried me into the room and threw me on the bed. Then he said with a sneer, "It's true that life doesn't meet anywhere, Miss Wan." His phrase "where not to meet in life" sounds like imitating my tone. The man seemed to have some bad taste just to return this sentence to me. I gasped and said, "Mr. Chen really has a good eye. If you dress like this, can Mr. Chen recognize me?" Childe Chen snorted coldly, "Chen has always been a vindictive man. Of course I have to remember clearly the girl who teases me again and again." Teasing? Also, if it were not for my "snake", he would not have fled in Taiping Stronghold. It seems that I and Yang Jian's guess is good, although this Chen Childe ate turtle in Taiping village, but put the talons to Ying Jun, it seems that Han Bao refused to submit to Taiping village, must be Chen Childe instigated. Childe surnamed Chen, is it Chen Tuan himself, the king of Linchuan in the State of Chen? I looked at Mr. Chen subconsciously. His eyes dodged subconsciously. Although he did not answer, his eyes told me that I guessed that the man in front of me was the nephew of Chen Baxian, the emperor of Chen State, Chen Tuan, the king of Linchuan. The little girl is really lucky to see Wang Ye here. There was a smile in Chen Tuan's eyes, and he wanted to see my heart through my eyes. "For a while, she was a wandering girl, and for a while, she was a merchant girl selling Gastrodia elata. It's really not easy for a girl to play. I'd like to see the girl's true face!" As soon as his voice fell, he lifted the veil from my face with one hand. My heart sank and I secretly said, "It's bad!"! Chen Tuan didn't know I was yuan Hu Mo before, just when I was a little Ji woman, even if I was robbed, I wouldn't think I had much use value,heavy duty cantilever racks, but if I was yuan Hu Mo in charge of the tiger amulet, it would mean something different to the old department of Dugu Xin. And if he has me in hand, this chip is obviously much bigger than "Wan yuanyuan". I looked into his eyes nervously. Strangely, I only saw a trace of mixed joy in his eyes. That joy was not a great surprise to "pick up the leak". It was just light, a little unexpected, and a little taken for granted. He threw his veil aside and sneered: "It's not bad to look good. However, the best girl in the world is still a little short. Are you really called Wan yuanyuan? Chapter 124 open price. I was stunned, and it took me a long time to realize that this guy didn't recognize me at all. Yes, the ancient information was so underdeveloped, how could he have seen the queen of the Northern Zhou Dynasty as a prince of the State of Chen? He doesn't even know I'm yuan Humo. This hanging heart was suddenly relieved. Before I saw Yang Jianyi or Han Bao, I said nothing to let him know that I was yuan Humo. So I pretended to be angry and said, "The first girl in the world is not self-proclaimed. Others like to call me that, but I'm too lazy to take care of it.". There are so many beautiful flowers in Wang Ye's mansion that weeds like me, swaying in the wind and rain, naturally can't get into Wang Ye's eyes. "Miss Wan is not a weed, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,industrial racking systems, but a rose with thorns. The flowers are beautiful, but they are thorny." Seeing his teasing smile, I suddenly remembered what he had just said. He said that I was dressed up as a merchant girl selling Gastrodia elata? I felt a chill in my heart and said with a sneer, "Wang Yeh really flattered me when he said I had thorns.". No matter how capable the little girl is, how can she compare with Wang Ye's agile hands and feet? It's really cruel to find an old man who wants to bury us in the earth before we go up the mountain. Chen Tuan did not retort, "isn't the girl staying here well?"? It's easy to count others, but it's hard to count girls. This sentence is a tacit acceptance of his behavior. Now that I think about it, I think it's reasonable. Although the Han Bao refused to submit to the peace village, the angel of the peace village is only a delaying tactic, but also polite, and we are just pretending to be the merchants recommended by the peace village, Ying army no matter how not to kill us, at most is sent away. And don't want to have any contact between Taiping village and Ying Jun, even better fall out, become an enemy, only Linchuan Wang Chen Tuan. The man in the evening, of course, was undoubtedly inspired by him. I sighed lightly and said, "Wang Yeh is not as good as God. Even if Wang Yeh wants to obstruct it again, it's time to meet, isn't it?" I gradually put down the heart, since only Chen Tuan unilaterally want to obstruct the meeting between Han Bao and Yang Jian, Han Bao does not want to tear the face with Yang Jian, then everything is easy to do. After Yang Jian and the two men saw Han Bao, they would order people to look for my whereabouts everywhere. Chen Tuan was also a guest in Nanyang, and he didn't dare to be too arrogant. Chen Tuan's face is not good-looking, but still strong self-calmness, "how can we meet?"? Listen to you just shout affectionately, presumably the man who pretends to be your husband is Yang Jian, the new commander of Taiping Stronghold? In fact, even if Yang Jian saw General Han, he would not waver. Not to mention. As soon as he turned his tongue, a smile appeared on his face. "What's more, Yang Jian may not be able to see it yet?" I listened, in the heart one Rin, wish can sit up immediately, "what did you do to Yang Jian?" Chen Tuan deliberately turned his head, "why don't you care about yourself first, girl?"? Or what benefits did Yang Jian of Taiping Stronghold give you? For you to work so hard for him? In his eyes, I am close to Tian Jiang, close to Yang hae-chan, nature is to help Yang Jian recapture Taiping village ShuaiYin, and this time in disguise, take the trouble to come to Nanyang, of course, is to help Yang Jian cover, he only when I am a little Ji female, and I don't know I'm not just help Yang Jian so simple. Because I couldn't see his appearance,industrial racking systems, I was a little anxious for a while, and I didn't know if Yang Jian really fell into his hands. "Since Yang Jian can't hinder Han Bao and Wang Ye's great plan, why should Wang Ye do anything?"? What good is it for Wang Ye to really offend Taiping Stronghold?

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A fighter is a person who has certain fighting ability, has practiced Taekwondo, Judo, Jeet Kune Do and other skills,alumina c799, and relies on physical ability to fight with others. His fighting ability is not much better than that of ordinary people. Fighters are the upgrade of fighters. At this time, they can rely on their physical abilities and skillful skills to open bricks and gravel, which is more like foreign kungfu.