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Ma Ai shook his head, who has nothing to do with their girl's ugly photos on the body ah! Qiu Baoxi nodded. Qiu Meng and Ma Ai stared at him. Qiu Baoxi said with a smile, "Mengmeng was not ugly at all when she was a child. She was beautiful when she was a child!" Then he opened his wallet. There was a family photo in the wallet. Qiu Meng was about 10 years old at that time. She was wearing a red skirt and a double ponytail. Her mouth was open and her eyes were smiling. Her skin was really dark and a little chubby. She stood beside her handsome father and brother and her beautiful mother. She looked like an adopted one. Lin Xin, who was drinking soup, saw the picture and suddenly lost control, choking "cough, cough.." While coughing, he apologized to Qiu Meng: "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it!" Sun Dao and Lin Ruifeng are also stunned, in fact, to be honest, 10-year-old Qiumeng is not ugly, but black and fat, plus the facial features have not opened, the surrounding face is too high, it looks a little. Lin Ruifeng slowed down and asked Qiu Baoxi, "Do you still have this photo?"? Can you give us some pictures of Qiumeng from childhood to adulthood? Qiu Baoxi nodded and said, "Yes, I loved to take pictures of her when she was a child. There are all kinds of pictures at any time!" Qiu Meng covered her face and could not bear to look directly at her past history! What about the pet girl? Where is the Qiumeng baby? Chapter 23 finish shooting. The next day, Qiu Meng got up early. Ma Ai looked at his watch. Before 6 o'clock, he got up and asked, "Nannan, why did you get up so early?" Qiu Meng kept moving,Dissolved Gas Flotation, pulled up her hair, and then went to the bathroom to wash, answering in her mouth: "I have a play today." Ma Ai heard her daughter say so and began to get up and clean up. When Qiumeng saw her mother getting up, she said, "You can sleep for a while, and I'll go to the set by myself." Ma Ai did not speak, from the box out of a small glass pot and a variety of small vacuum-packed cereals, ready to cook some porridge for her daughter. Qiu Meng is putting on skin care products,fine bubble diffuser, see her mother's equipment, open her mouth, and then hold out a thumb to her mother: "Mom, you are so awesome!"! It's all brought here! Ma Ai said with a smile, "I'm afraid you can't eat well. You'll lose weight when you go home this time!" Qiu Meng patted his face and said vaguely, "Where did you lose weight?"? I just can't get fat! How many people envy me! Ma Ai shook her head. Since her daughter was 12 years old, she was not only white, but also thin. But do not know how to return a responsibility, intestines and stomach function is bad all the time, eat little, and eat what to absorb. 1.68 meters tall, I weighed it during the summer vacation, and it was only 83 Jin. Think of here, Ma Ai frowned, looking at her daughter's thin body, now should be lighter weight! Ma Ai sighed quietly and put millet and red dates into a small pot. After eating her mother's love breakfast, rapid sand filters ,Belt Filter Press, Qiumeng took the script and came to the set with her mother. Unexpectedly, someone arrived earlier than her. Hearing the footsteps, the man turned around and saw Qiumeng laughing. Qiumeng recognized her and ran over: "Sister Shang Wan, you are so early!" Shang Wan nodded to Ma Ai with a smile, and then said to Qiu Meng, "Come early to see the two beauties!" Ma Ai smiled and took out the prepared disposable paper cup and said, "Did you eat the porridge cooked in the morning?" Shang Wan waved his hand hurriedly and said, "Yes, I ate the steamed stuffed buns in the morning, and I'm going to shoot them all morning today!"! You can't stand it if you don't eat some hard goods! Qiu Meng giggled. At that time, she did not see Shang Wan in Sioux City, and she thought that Shang Wan had quit the crew for some reason. Later, I heard Lin Xin say that after the script was changed, the part of their audition was removed, and Shang Wan played Gou Jian's wife, so there was no play for her in Sioux City. After shooting the war scenes, she went back. Qiu Meng said with a smile: "Sister Shang Wan, this is your home court!" Shang Wan immediately put on the momentum of Queen Yue: "Isn't this Zheng Dan's homeland?" Qiu Meng also took out the expression of the characters in the play, lowered her head and said in a sad tone: "What the queen said is that once the slave goes, I'm afraid I'll never be able to return to my motherland." After saying that, they faced each other and laughed. Shang Wan patted Qiu Meng on the shoulder and said, "The little girl is good!"! I haven't seen you for a while, and you are in good condition! Sure enough, it's the men of this palace! Just as they were talking, they heard someone greeting them. Qiu Meng put on a smiling face and turned his head to see Lu Qi. Holding a steamed stuffed bun in one hand and a cup of porridge in the other, he said to the two of them, "Did you eat in the morning?"? My assistant has a lot more. Qiu Meng thanked him and said that he had already eaten. When Lv Qi saw Qiu Meng, he took a few steps forward and said, "I know you. I noticed you when you came yesterday." Shang Wan also stepped forward and said jokingly, "What do you mean?"? Lv Qi, what do you mean? Meaning I'm transparent? Lv Qi quickly shook his head and said, "Sister Shang, you are such a big lump. How can you be transparent?" Shang Wan is a rare representative of a slightly fat actress in the circle, but in fact, she has a good figure. When Shang Wan heard his adjective, his face changed and he slapped him directly: "Mud Zoukai!" Qiu Meng looked at Shang Wan's action and laughed happily. Lv Qi looked at Qiu Meng and was stunned for a long time before he said, "Your smile is so beautiful!" When Qiu Meng heard his words, her smile immediately froze on her face. It took her a long time to continue to smile and say, "Thank you." In fact, this kind of praise, Qiu Meng heard a lot, but with Lu Qi's expression and tone, Qiu Meng felt goose bumps all over her body, she shook and moved two steps to her mother's side. Lv Qi also embarrassed to smile, also want to say what, Sun Dao they came over. Lv Qi had no choice but to put away his words and walk over to Sun Dao. He was not filming smoothly these days. Sun Dao saw that he didn't have a good look. He told him the key point of today and let him find someone to play by himself. Then he waved to Qiumeng, and Qiumeng ran over. Director Sun took the shot and said to Qiumeng: "Today's shots are all small shots, which will be interspersed in your memories. You have to wait all day. Don't run around!" Qiu Meng looked at the mirror map, today she has to cooperate with a lot of people, there are Mo Lian, and Shang Wan,Wall Penstocks, more cooperation is with Wei Xuan, Qiu Meng thought of Wei Xuan has not been in the state of the play, feel a little pressure.

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Xia Yunsheng's attitude towards him became cold, on the contrary, he felt a kind of guilt towards his daughter. For the first time, he seemed to find that he owed a lot to Weilan,fine bubble diffuser, a girl who had always lacked warmth and love. She is so weak that she needs someone to protect her. That summer vacation, Xia Yunsheng specially asked for leave to accompany his daughter to travel to the seaside. Because there is a "blue" in the name, Weilan has been yearning for the sea since childhood.