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"It's actually a star refining weapon, refining the whole star, no matter what creatures can't escape!" "You're crazy!" "Open battle!"! Let's go! Let us out first! After we come out, we will strangle the Purple Mansion together. Some were spitting, some were red-eyed, shaking their fists and protesting to the ten people in the sky. The scene was so chaotic that even the shopkeepers who were doing business along the two streets put down their work and joined the crowd. Even though they hated Jun Yan, who had killed many monks in Yingzhou, they didn't want to be buried with him! "No!" In the face of people's prayers, King Dujiangyan refused mercilessly, which immediately made people feel cool. We have been hunting this man for more than four years. No matter how many people are sent out, we will let him slip away alive, and even lose our troops. This time, it is not easy to take advantage of the capture of Elder Yaochi to set up this game and lead him to appear. I will never miss this opportunity again! A cruel sneer rose on Old Poison Xiu's cheek. As long as you sacrifice one hundred thousand people, you can slay a big cancer that gives the whole Yingzhou a headache. This is a great honor. In the future, your names will be linked with the cold-faced killing of Wang Junyan. When later generations mention this war, they will also praise your bravery and fearlessness! "You madman!" The king of Dujiang was interrupted by the anger of the boss of Min before he finished speaking. In the face of life, any glory related to death is bullshit! What's more, what kind of victory is it to fall in such an unknown place, annihilate with the stars at the same time, and by the way bury a mere purple mansion demon repair? Aren't you afraid of being laughed at? The people who responded to the call of the Fujian boss rushed to the sky behind him one after another. Since the insane King of Dujiang would not let them out,inflatable castle with slide, they would break the battle array and find a chance of survival. Yingzhou poison repair is divided into two factions, the monks in the array naturally share a bitter hatred of the enemy, do not want to be buried with Jun Yan. Hula, countless monks ride the wind, with their own weapons to the king of Dujiang. The sky immediately darkened, and the wind was filled with the sound of iron horses, but in the face of the resistance of so many people, King Dujiang just smiled faintly. In order to destroy Jun Yan,Inflatable water park on lake, he has spent too much time, spent too much effort, in order to get the first merit of killing demons, slaughter their own hundreds of thousands of compatriots, what's the harm? "Stupid.". This array is formed. Your struggle is in vain. Accept the honor I gave you, or cry and scold me for being heartless! You're all going to die anyway! Suddenly he raised the gray skeleton in his hand, and the skeleton's empty eyes suddenly ignited a scarlet fire! This light erosion soul, together with those across the sky of the road gray lines at the same time big bright, emitting a very strong bloody breath, at the same time will fly to the people mercilessly pressed to the ground! Broken law array, one of the ancient evil array! To refine the soul with the array, to refine the star with the blood! At the moment when the blood was in full bloom, the whole Liangxun stars immediately turned into the scene of the blood pool in hell. All the giant trees withered in an instant, all the rivers turned red in an instant, Inflatable bouncer ,Inflatable indoor park, and the ten skeletons controlling the array in the hands of the ten Jiedan monks all ignited blood light, He is good to her, just to repair his heart, this kind of pity, do not want it! "Hey, big brother, who are you?"? You're strangling me. Let go. Su Tong responded coldly, in exchange for a strong wind and a long roar that almost deafened her. Ben wants to go, how can you get me? Holding Su Tong and Hua Lin Fairy,Jumping castle with slide, Jun Yan has no burden, like a chicken, suddenly open the storm to the sky!.

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