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18 oct. 2022 à 3h45   Énergie   Ahfir   107 vues
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As the donkey cart went away, the red petals drifted with the wind, and the cold color of the hospital gradually emerged under the passing petals. Xiao Lingfeng's heart was desolate and he did not understand what had happened. Just now, he just instinctively pulled his sister-in-law, but he didn't know what to do in the future. Bi-Ka.. I don't know when the sky was overcast, the cold wind of autumn filled the whole hospital, countless fallen leaves drifted down from the sky, and lightning flashed over Xiao Lingfeng's head. Behind her, sister-in-law became extremely unstable. She curled up and shivered behind Xiao Lingfeng. The power of lightning was very harmful to her spirit, and her shadow became weaker and weaker. Come to think of it, Xiao Lingfeng can't accept everything that happened here, but the shadow of sister-in-law is about to disappear. He hurriedly took out the spar from his storage belt and, regardless of the height and danger of the building, pulled his sister-in-law to jump down from upstairs and set up a formation in the middle of the yard. Since coming into contact with the game, Xiao Lingfeng has never used the things in the storage ring, because he knows that the things inside are too precious, whether in the game or in reality, he has not found where the spar has appeared, there are not many things in the storage belt, it can be said that one is less than one. Promise? Are you crazy? What do you want. When he came out of the house without a knife,small geared motors, he saw Xiao Lingfeng's face full of anxiety and confusion. He thought he had hit him hard just now. You go into the house quickly and take good care of your eldest brother. It's dangerous! "I can save my sister-in-law!" Said Xiao Lingfeng in a hurry as he put on the battle array. Xiao Lingfeng suddenly remembered the ghost, remembered the ghost in the game, is it true that the underworld exists? But if it doesn't exist, what is the shadow of sister-in-law? What about the lightning in the sky? "Can you save sister-in-law?" Cut people without a knife was shocked by Xiao Lingfeng's words, he stood silly, even forgot to move, "but she is dead." "How to save it?" The flower thief was also aroused by Xiao Lingfeng's words. He was originally a herbalist in Jianghu. He relied on his family's craftsmanship to cure diseases and save people. Because he was not recognized by the commune,Brushless Gear Motor, he had not done much. Not long ago, he hooked up with the director of the hospital, which really put up the sign of saving the world. He was not sure about Xiao Lingfeng's answer, because his own experience was dubious about it. Demon brother, pull them all in, and I'll explain to you later! Xiao Lingfeng's hands and feet kept turning back and forth in the middle of the yard, placing one spar after another, holding different seals in his hands, anxiously looking at the sky and shouting. The devil was also dubious about Xiao Lingfeng's words, but because Xiao Lingfeng did things unexpectedly, many things were beyond everyone's expectation, so he did not say anything, and pulled them into the room without a knife. Lightning in the sky slowly gathered from the distance, Xiao Lingfeng's head constantly has small sparks running around. Looking at sister-in-law holding her head in both hands with a painful look, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, Xiao Lingfeng's hands can not help but speed up a few minutes. Cut people without a knife was pulled into the house by the devil, he found a table from the room,  Feel free to bring anything in and out without using game props. With Xiao Lingfeng's present cultivation,Small Dc Gear Motor, he can only make some space jumps in a small range, and he has to make use of the intermediary role of the game. However, this "small range" is also very large for the earth.

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