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However, these brands of kings are all motionless, like the fossil of eternal existence, without any special action, with no communication. "But why don't they move or say anything? How can they talk about corpses?" Ke is like a curious baby, the little thing naturally knows that the brand of the king is not equal to the leisure, and also wants to hear them explain the profound meaning of life and death on the supreme road. They have begun to talk, and they should listen attentively. Eyes twinkle in the old way. Xiao Chen moved in his heart and got rid of distracting thoughts. With the origin of divine consciousness, he seemed to have entered the ancient times before the flood and came to the origin of Tao. Endless void, vast and boundless, the source of the road is in front of us. Boundless profound meaning, into a golden name, burst into the eye, the road Hongpian, filled with heaven and earth, infinite profound meaning, endless source, twisted into a vast sky and earth. He seemed to be under the ancient sky. Step on the thick earth, the deep starry sky overhead, touch the mark of the road with body, heart and God. This is a state of emptiness, this is an experience of enlightenment, this is an all-round sublimation of the body and mind, perhaps there is no significant improvement in combat power, but-how to go on the real road today, it is more and more clear, and gradually understand the eternal direction of progress. Stingy is the law, action is the rule, Xiao Chen's body moves with the heart, the heart moves with the seal of Tao, with the hand knot out of the heart language, with the seal congealed out of the shape of Tao, falling into a very wonderful state. Eyah.. The big eyes of the little beast Ke suddenly stared, and the little thing was so smart that he naturally knew what had happened and opened his heart. Show the source and listen to the fragrance of the road. And the old Taoist priest had already fallen into an ethereal state, immersed in the indescribable principles of the Great Way. "Bang" In the distant sky, the black Styx River turned into a black light curtain and was broken. With a long roar,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, the stone beast passed through the cursed wall and strode into the world. He gazed at the stone tablet for a long time and let out a cold hum, which shook the plain in front of him, like an ancient beast showing its ferocious claws. At this moment, the stone beast around the blood fog filled the air, the cage grass sky earth, he killed countless, tragic breath from the flood and famine, tens of millions of killing and plundering in one body, just form, into such a terrible'evil spirit '. He raced forward and soon appeared in front of seven tombs, when one of them suddenly cracked open and rushed out a crescent-shaped magic blade, which whirled at him. It was the stone weapon that the little stone emperor Lu used before he was born. It was called the Moon Shadow Magic Blade. No one thought that it was the stone weapon buried in the tomb! "Roar.." The head of the stone beast is towering. Extremely ferocious in appearance, with ancestral dragon horns, a crocodile tail, covered with stone scales, ferocious and violent, reaching out with a long sharp claw like a devil, tearing up the sky and grabbing at the magic blade. This kind of character is simply a matchless demon king, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, nothing can resist! "Little Stone Emperor, if you die, you will die, but you pretend to be mysterious. If you bury a stone soldier, it will be better. Today, the Moon Shadow Demon Blade will belong to me!" The stone beast was extremely fierce, and the magic flame was towering. After smashing the sky with one claw, he caught the magic blade of the shadow of the moon from the sky. Clang " The collision of claws and magic blades is like the collision of gold and stone, which is deafening. Everything in the mausoleum will be changed! "The stone beast's murder is revealed, and the blood fog is rolling, shaking the world and flooding the area." Roar.. But at this moment, he sent out a roar, the shadow of the moon magic blade is not as simple as imagined, violent vibration, the stone beast's claws. The covered stone scales shattered a lot, and golden blood flowed down. Small stone emperor you are very good, after death still left such a brand, this is you and I across the battle of time and space a crisp sound, the shadow of the moon magic blade cut off a section of black nails, stained with little golden blood of the stone king, rushed to the sky, and then suddenly disappeared into the cracked tomb, disappeared. Xiao Chen and Ke, as well as the old Taoist priest, were awakened from their ethereal state by the ferocious stone beast, and they immediately understood what had happened. The tall stone body of the stone beast, shrouded in a fierce flame, is coming step by step. His scaly face was full of cruel smiles. "Today, I will take your mark first, and then take the treasure in the seven tombs." "Can you really accept me?" Just then, behind the seven tombs, the man sitting on the bluestone, wearing a dragon robe and a crown, came out with such a powerful voice, which shocked people's souls. Great pomp and circumstance. Little Shihuang really lives up to his reputation. Are you talking to me across the ages? The stone beast fixed its figure there, and its demonic face was filled with a cold look. He roared all his life, and suddenly the mountains and rivers turned pale. In addition to the seven tombs, the surrounding sky collapsed into chaos, and the stone beast reached out of the sharp'animal claw 'and grabbed the small stone emperor sitting on the bluestone. With a shock to the human soul and a cold hum of supreme pressure, the little stone emperor suddenly threw his big sleeve and turned over his dragon robe, as if he had turned the sky upside down, and suddenly pressed the stone beast under the dragon robe. Pedal, pedal.. Li Shi and.. Take seven big steps back in a row The little stone emperor sat on the'blue 'stone, but he did not move. Good, good, good! "Li Shishou even said three good words, saying:" I wish I hadn't been born in ancient times, and I really fought with you. I'm sorry for such a battle across time and space! " "Hey, hey, hey." That's when. The gloomy laughter was so cold that it made people feel like falling into the ice cellar. In front of the seven big tombs, there was a withered body in silence, like a fierce ghost, a stone corpse covered with skin and bones. Before ancient times, it was a starry era, even if you were a stone beast, back to that era can only fall, can not be the opponent of the small stone emperor. The stone corpse is the antique of antiques. It has been long enough since it came into being. It has gone through the ancient catastrophe and is qualified to talk about the past. Whoo,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, whoo.. At this moment, the sharp sword resounded through the world, and a golden stone sword stood and split down to the majestic man sitting on the bluestone in a dragon robe.

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There was only a glimmer of cold light. By Chu Tianming one after another to expose their own do those ugly things, Qingyun's face changed again and again, and finally issued a weak sigh. An act of God! It's God's will. Hanging his head, Qingyun is like a defeated rooster, suddenly lost all the fighting spirit, at this time he,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, even if Chu Tianming does not kill him. He will not have any achievements in the future. We had nothing to do with each other, but unfortunately, you made the wrong choice!