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A response, two big fellow carrying medicine * raised up, immediately incense endures endures the medicine bandage, endures the throbbing pain when the wound was plundered, gritted his teeth and said: "a simple point on the line, wait for the rate here to finish again.." The copper coins and hemp all over Ren Kaifu's face were glowing red. "Be careful," he snapped. "His mother's two rough embryos." The two men who took medicine and bandaged for enmity were cautious and cautious. As soon as they promised, they saw a cold sweat on their foreheads. · Looking around, Ren Kaifu said with a wry smile, "Brother Qiu, after this battle, we should be badly hurt.." —— The enemy's body convulsed for a moment and said, "It's difficult.." What a price to pay! Staring at the wounded man, Ren Kaifu roared, "Be gentle, two dogs. What are you panicking about?" Smiling, Chou Ren said, "Don't blame the two of them. They're already very light.." Then he added, "The patriarch is hurt, too, you know!" Ren Kaifu sighed and said, "I saw it. The one who was in charge could not have been hurt. Brother Qiu, you are sure that you can replace the one whose surname is Gu.". · ·, two "" Chou Ren said in a low and dumb voice, "The patriarch Cang has always been strong and competitive." Ren Kaixiang said with infinite sadness,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, "This scene was picked up later. Up to now, the hook has already torn down the purple second brother and Ren elder sister, and hurt Chai Gu and Shi Yan." "Turtle hand" also broke Xie Ping, Rao Ming, hurt Huang Yi. Even the head of the family and the enemy eldest brother you also hung the heavy color, alas, "the red and white road 'strength almost removed half, repair!". "Don't be sad," Ange said. "It's not without a price for the'Red and White Way 'to pay such a big sacrifice. The'Baigan Society' and the'Yulongmen 'have already paid with his thoroughly evil organization. Although the'Red and White Way' has suffered a lot of damage, your enemies have been completely destroyed and disintegrated.." Minton. He added: "As long as life is set off by life,sonicator homogenizer, blood is oozing with blood, and there is reason on the head/no matter what the loss is," there is always no regret. Ren Kaifu nodded and said, "You're right, Brother Qiu!" Qiu Ren smiled and said, "All that's left is Yan Gui." At this time, two special rescue "red and white road". Brother Z has simply wrapped up for the partner. Ren Kaifu waved them back and asked in a low voice, "Did you go there to make money?" He nodded his head and said, "Of course!" : Ten steps forward, Ren Kaifu said carefully, "Shall I help you?" Sheng. Chou Ren said with a wry smile, "No, I haven't been hurt so badly yet." Chou Ren's steps were quite slow. He walked very slowly. But it is still stubble. Ren Kaifu first carried back Youren's "destiny country" and rushed up to return Xiandu. He said with concern, "Brother Qiu, you seem to have a little difficulty in supporting yourself." Her face was pale. She said softly, "I can still save it. I can control it." —— Anti-change came to the dry side, "dry arm dragon" Qu Wuji and "cold eyes" strict management of the war has come to the last moment, ultrasonic generator driver ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, the two men's skills are similar, high and low to translate as subtle; they have been fighting after contact until now. "Then what should I do?" Asked Ren Kaifu anxiously? I'm alone with this guy. If I don't make a quick decision and take him down as soon as possible, I'm afraid it's a long night and a long dream. Nodding his head, the enemy complained, "I'll do it!" Ren Kaifu exclaimed, "Are you up again?"? Brother Qiu, you are carrying this serious wound! The enemy said frankly, "Yes, I also know that my injury is not light, but I still have the ability to act,ultrasonic dispersing machine, and, to say nothing, I am confident that I am more confident than you two at this time.".

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