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She had already thought of the answer for him. Any answer is good, and she can accept it with an open mind, and then sincerely apologize to him. As long as there is no more quarrel and cold war, it is like living in great darkness every day. A frightening darkness. -Yes. Too light answer, but very firm. 2 Seeing fireflies in the middle of winter is the light source on the Christmas tree, and the fingers touch the heat. In the northern constellation Ursa Minor, the brightest star, the North Star, is shining heartily. Countless encounters with gray-blue pupils, the touch of lips in memory, the hand on the top of the head, oh, don't cry. In the crowded carriage, the position of the head, the hair wrapped around the white fingers, the most intimate against the forehead, is the eyes reveal the tenderness, I miss you very much. —— A vague picture of innocence that never returns. Xia Senche only heard the sound of paper tearing behind him, slow, unscrupulous, arrogant and domineering, with the strength of tearing the heart. Then the corridor was filled with scraps of paper, like suffocating white butterflies, or the most tragic snow they had ever seen. Slowly obliterating them. When Xia Sen Che came to his senses, there was no trace of the spring. He picked up the scraps of paper at his feet, with the sticky marks of double-sided tape, which had been torn by the spring,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, and the lights in the room had been on for two nights, just to stick them back to him. All the voices become hers. Then break up. 3 There was no feeling in the palm, and all the temperature was drained. Like in the world of ice and snow, blood, body, nerves continue to the soul, inch by inch, was sucked dry. How did this happen? I can't move. I say you, if you have time to be in a daze, you might as well go to the warehouse to help the cosplay club get the costumes. Spring only felt relaxed in her arms, the isolated heat wrapped her fingers again, bent, and felt alive again. The president of the ice sculpture put the iced drink on the dressing table and said, "Do you know where the warehouse is?" "I know-" Chunyi turned around without thinking. " Watch the road! It was too late for the Ice Sculpture President to remind him. Ah- "Chunyi covered her forehead and crouched down.". Something sharp, brushless gear motor ,24v Gear Motor, cool and thin. A dagger? Why is there a dagger! "Why are you always so restless?" Chunyuan pulled down her hand to examine her forehead, which was already red, but the edge of the brooch was jagged, leaving the mark of a small sickle. Who told you to suddenly stand behind me-ah-what are you doing here? "A star came to sing without accompaniment, so the school sent me-" Chunyuan reminded her with a smile. There was only one small window on the wall,12v High Torque Motor, and the light was already five o'clock in the evening, lazily pulling the window lattice. Not enough at all. Spring is surrounded by great darkness. Was it a prank? Or was it revenge. She's locked in a warehouse. How long will she be locked up? No one will find out. She soon realized that the warehouse was just a place to store waste, and no one would come. She closed her eyes and sat down against the door.

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