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Do you think I'm a fool! You two losers! Zhaoqing childe see they turn a blind eye to themselves, flew into a rage, a sword cut over, sword Huo Huo, is about to let the white prime minister decapitated, sitting in a wheelchair of cold calm, picked up a cup of tea, with a flick of his fingers, a drop of water flew out, clang however a clear sound, unexpectedly hit the sharp jade sword cracked, And Zhao Qing childe also can't stand this through a drop of water transmission from the huge force, the tiger's mouth shock blood DC, the sword out of hand! "Ah," Zhao Qing's son exclaimed, and he fell to the ground. Leng Jing flicked in the air and touched the acupoints all over his body. He immediately said to Prime Minister Bai, "I've already taken down the prisoner for your excellency." So soon? Prime Minister Bai scratched his head with a dull look on his face. Then he was suddenly enlightened. "Mr. Yue Tian is so awesome," he said! This officer must report to the court, reward childe ~ ~ " Leng Jing shook his head and covered his chest. "I'm not in good health," he said. "I don't use force easily. I used my internal force rashly just now. Now I feel very uncomfortable." Say it and you will fall down. Prime Minister Bai was so frightened that he held him up and said,disc air diffuser, "I'll call a doctor for you."! You wait! I don't need a doctor. I know my own body. My Lord, please take me to a place where there is a bed and let me have a good rest. Leng Jing greedily leaned on his body, a familiar feeling, this body is really desolate ah ~ "Then you let go of your hand first. I can't carry you if you hold my waist like this." "Prime Minister Bai said foolishly." I wonder how you became prime minister, the evil 700,000-year-old Lengjing. "Leng Jing muttered." I am Bai Shaoqing, the first official of the court appointed by the emperor in the throne room. You don't have to doubt that. Prime Minister Bai said. The name Leng Jingjiong is really the style of the big white snake. So Prime Minister Bai left Fengge Platform with the ugly snake on his back,multi disc screw press, leaving a roomful of dancing guys and Zhao Qing lying on the ground. By the way, a white mink does look like a weasel. But when it finally came to Fengge Terrace, it was already banned by the government. And it also did not find the fall of the cold net, after all, is a slow step ah. But the white mink did not lose heart and went on a journey of three thousand miles to find the Lord. Leng Jing was carried by the white prime minister to the shabby small hotel where the prime minister now lives. Only then did he know that when the prime minister was very shabby, he was almost in abject poverty. When Prime Minister Bai opened the door, a handsome young man of fifteen or sixteen came out and shouted, "Father, what did you carry back?"? Didn't I tell you not to bring anything home that doesn't make sense? Another old man came over and said, "Yes, sir, the young master is waiting for you at home. He is worried to death." Leng Jing opened his eyes wide and looked at the two men in front of him. Prime Minister Bai said, "Childe, let me introduce you. This is my adopted son, Rotating sludge scraper ,lamella tube, Xiao Jing. His name is Bai Leng Jing. This is my housekeeper, Diao Bo." The young man named Bai Lengjing snorted, with a cool look on his face, and his expression was somewhat similar to that of the unruly Lengjing in those days, and the name of Diao Bo was also garrulous, very similar to the style of the white mink. Can it be said that Leng Qingqing has organized a new trio of bumpkins?! Evil, uh! Cold net = = Leng Qingqing, who is now Prime Minister Bai, said, "Xiaojing, this is my friend Yuetian Childe. He is not in good health. He wants to have a rest in our house." Can't he walk by himself? Must father back, hum, I think is up to no good! Young Xiaojing snorted coldly. Mr. Yue Tian can't walk. Leng Qingqing answered directly without thinking. Was he a cripple? Dad, you are getting more and more dull. What do cripples bring home? Teenager more and more see Leng Jing not pleasing to the eye, he dares to touch Leng Qingqing's back unexpectedly! "Oh, sir, you'd better put the guests down and have a rest."! The young master cooked dinner for the master himself today. Diao Bo tried to smooth things over. As a result, there seemed to be a gap between Leng Jing and Xiao Jing, and even the meeting of eyes seemed to spark. New? The trio ate dinner around the table, talking and laughing, and sat on the bed, holding the meal that Leng Qingqing had given him, feeling very unhappy. "Can't you eat?" Leng Qingqing finally worried about him and came to touch his forehead to see if he had a fever. A touch is actually hot, the body temperature of the Dragon God is very high when angry, so in the past, Leng Qingqing and White Mink used the dragon Ferrari as a thermos pot, heater, electric blanket, fast heating and so on. The scene is as follows: 1. During the journey, there was a snowstorm on the way to the Great Snow Mountain, and the dragon Ferrari suggested a picnic. After the support is erected, The white mink put a pot of water on the forehead of the dragon Ferrari, and the water boiled. It's raining heavily and everyone's clothes are wet. Take it off and cover the body of the dragon Ferrari. It's dry. Therefore "You have a high fever!" Leng Qingqing exclaimed. Leng Jing leaned his head on Leng Qingqing's arms and declared his ownership of Leng Qingqing. Dad, you stay away from him, maybe he has some infectious disease! Xiaojing angrily pulled Leng Qingqing apart and said, "I'll take him to see a doctor!" Leng Jing frowned and had a plan. "It's an old disease," he said. "It's a reaction caused by being poisoned by Qijue Xin Lan. I can't die for a while. Only a good friend from the Imperial Hospital in the capital can treat me. If Lord Bai doesn't mind, can you let me go back to Beijing with you? "Yes!"! Ok White prime minister hurriedly nodded yes, so fast that small crystal gas to bite the tongue. The Fifth Story of Searching for the Snake Leng Jing began to live in the home of Prime Minister Bai. When the big case was solved, the white prime minister was ready to return to Beijing. Leng Jing was wrapped in a quilt and stayed in bed. Looking at the figure of Diao Bo and others who were busy tidying up, he suddenly began to miss the original good staff and good servant, the white mink. I don't know where the white mink went? Maybe I will go back to my hometown to be the king of mink! In fact, the white mink is carrying a bundle at the moment, and is trudging hard on the road to find the cold and clean. Just now, it had just passed the inn where Leng Jing stayed. In short,lamella clarifer, the feeling of staying in bed, Lengjing has not enjoyed it for a long time, he did not want to recall the time in the sea of chaos. It's better to have your own world. The ugly snake tucked into bed and continued to sleep late.

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Xia Yunsheng's attitude towards him became cold, on the contrary, he felt a kind of guilt towards his daughter. For the first time, he seemed to find that he owed a lot to Weilan,fine bubble diffuser, a girl who had always lacked warmth and love. She is so weak that she needs someone to protect her. That summer vacation, Xia Yunsheng specially asked for leave to accompany his daughter to travel to the seaside. Because there is a "blue" in the name, Weilan has been yearning for the sea since childhood.