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Gu Yanfeng leaned indifferently against a tree about two meters away from the actress, a bit irrelevant. Jiang Mi suddenly believed what Zhuo Jun often said, that Teacher Gu was not good to everyone. However, Mr. Gu is still very serious and responsible for his work. If he can make this attitude, the actress's performance may be really a bit bad. Jiang Mi turned around and planned to buy a cold drink for Gu Yanfeng. He is not as gentle as he appears, and he can be angry, but he usually doesn't show it. In this weather, drinking some cold drinks can reduce the internal heat. But before she could take a step, she heard someone secretly talking about Gu Yanfeng. Teacher Gu is really handsome, and she is sexy and sultry just leaning against the tree. Look at his cold expression, it makes people want to strip him naked and see if he has a wild side when he's in bed. Jiang Mi: ".." She has only been in the group for a few days, but Teacher Gu has a good reputation, and she has heard a lot of people secretly gossip about Teacher Gu. But so.. It's the first time to be bold and unrestrained. Turned around and saw two staff members. The other said, "Teacher Gu must look better. He has a good figure. He has broad shoulders, thin waist, long legs and big chest.." Jiang Mi: "..!!!" This is really the whole world bullying her. She coughed twice, and the two staff members were startled and immediately shut up,shuttle rack system, not daring to talk any more. Jiang Mi still went to the drink shop, unexpectedly someone was already in front. It was two girls, having a heated discussion about something. Jiang Mi was absent-minded in the back and didn't hear what they said until one of the girls said, "." It really works. I've gone from an A to a D. Jiang Mi suddenly raised his head. The girl just turned around after buying the drink and was stared at by Jiang Mi. "What's wrong?" Jiang Mi in the end or embarrassed, opened his mouth, did not make a sound. The girl thought she was finding fault, so she gave the drink to her companion and said,automated warehouse systems, "What are you looking at?" Jiang Mi:.. So, can I ask your method? "What?" The girl didn't understand. Just what you just said. The way A becomes D. Jiang Mi blushed and whispered. Oh, this. The girl changed her smiling face in an instant, "just add strategy all the time, don't care about other forces, ranks and so on, add strategy first.." "Wait." Her companion looked at Jiang Mi with a blank face and interrupted her, "I think what she asked may not be the game method." Jiang Mi:.. Game method? Hot-tempered girl: … What did you ask? Jiang Mi:.. I'm sorry to disturb you. She quickly turned around: "Boss, two cups of green bean paste, no, three cups." When she finished paying, she looked back and found that the two girls were still there. Do you have anything else? Jiang Mi took a step back. Don't be afraid. We won't hit anyone. We'll just tell you a little secret. Just now the girl leaned close to Jiang Mi and whispered, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, "It's useful to eat pig's feet." The two men finished and left. When Jiang Mi returned to the set, her cheeks were still burning. Cheng Shuangshuang took the cold drink in her hand, very strange: "This is only a few points, you are so hot?"? Turn on the fan? "No." Jiang Mi closed his eyes and finished a cup of mung bean paste in one breath, and the red on his face finally faded. Cheng Shuangshuang is not at ease, but also reached out to explore, found that she did not have a fever to rest assured. But Gu Yanfeng just came over, saw this little action, immediately asked: "What's wrong?" "Mimi was very hot early in the morning." Cheng Shuangshuang said honestly, "I thought she was suffering from heatstroke and should be all right." Jiang Mi: ".." Without waiting for Gu Yanfeng's concern, she immediately changed the subject: "Teacher Gu, let me invite you to dinner at noon." "Hm?" Gu Yanfeng wondered, "Why do you suddenly want to invite me to dinner?" "Even if you eat the box lunch of the crew for a long time, you have to change your taste occasionally." Jiang Mi said. Gu Yanfeng: ".." I only ate two box lunches in total. Jiang Mi looked up at him and found that the two staff members had not exaggerated before. Gu Yanfeng really has a chest, and his broad gown is propped up. I want to eat outside. Jiang Mi insisted. Ok Gu Yanfeng is very easy to talk to, "you can order whatever you want to eat." At noon, Gu Yanfeng came back and saw a full table. Pettitoes. Braised pig feet, stewed pig feet, pig feet soup, braised pig feet.. Oh, and a stir-fried vegetable. What is this Gu Yanfeng was puzzled, "pig's feet feast?" He knew that Jiang Mi liked meat and did not like vegetables. But you don't have to exaggerate, do you? Is it really not boring to eat only one kind of food? Jiang Mi coughed lightly and explained, "Isn't this just a tonic?" "Make up?" Gu Yanfeng sat down and asked casually, "where to fill?" Jiang Mi:.. Make up for what you eat. "Eat.." Gu Yanfeng was very confused, "is this for mending hands or feet?" "Feet, of course." Jiang Mi said, "did you forget?"? I've hurt my foot before. Gu Yanfeng:.. That was almost three months ago, and now you want to make up for it? Jiang Mi can only hold out to the end: "But you didn't fill it for me before." Gu Yanfeng: "So it's my fault?" Jiang Mi: "Isn't it your fault?" Without you, how could there be so many things? After dinner, Jiang Mi went to Su Pan's lounge for a visit. The staff were not there. Su Pan suddenly asked her, "Mi Mi, are you secretly enlarging your breasts?" "How do you know?" Jiang Mi was frightened. I heard that you ordered a table full of pig's feet for lunch and ate papaya for breakfast, which you didn't like. Su Pan is a little apologetic, "I meant yesterday, not that you have small breasts, I just want to say that you have long legs and thin waist." "No, wait a minute." Jiang Mi is almost crazy, the point is not Su Pan in the end is the meaning, "you can see,medium duty racking, is not everyone can see?" Did Gu Yanfeng also see that? How can she see him like this? Isn't that embarrassing? "No." Su Pan comforted, "didn't you see Cheng Shuangshuang?"? A straight man like Mr. Gu will certainly not understand. No one around you knows, and no one else will know.

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Xia Yunsheng's attitude towards him became cold, on the contrary, he felt a kind of guilt towards his daughter. For the first time, he seemed to find that he owed a lot to Weilan,fine bubble diffuser, a girl who had always lacked warmth and love. She is so weak that she needs someone to protect her. That summer vacation, Xia Yunsheng specially asked for leave to accompany his daughter to travel to the seaside. Because there is a "blue" in the name, Weilan has been yearning for the sea since childhood.